Motioneye implementation

It would be nice to hve a script to run both

  • motioneye & hassbian on same machine to allow to have both home automation and surveliance station on one Pi

Which sense? My motioneyeos pi including cam is fixed in a weather proof box outside my home … no need to put hass on it .Also think of performance issues.

Motioneye and HA have docker images

heres what ive got so far with motioneyeos and home assistant, have any ideas on how to send either json webhooks or some time of script for triggering tts when the image is available on the homeassistant web user interface dashboard?

P.S i have a pi 2 just for motioneyeos and a pi 3 for hassbian.

I’m not in my home computer right now but I remember there is a way to trigger HTTP requests when motion is detected (for example) from the MotionEyeOS that you can point to HASS to trigger an script, etc.

Let me try to find out and i’ll get back here

Just found it:

Check the photo, there’s a WebHook configuration section there. You can send a HTTP Request to HASS with it.

Haven’t done lot of tests but might be the way.

thanks i figured it out already with curl and mqtt binary sensor. now im working on sending adb commands to an android phone to change the tv channel

Where I get this password?

the password is your home assistant api password if you have one set.

I am now using this:

Software has mqtt integrated.