Mount flash drive so it can be used for database?

How do I mount a flash drive in home assistant and how do I make sure it is in a directory and had the permissions necessary for it to be able to be used as the location for the database in recorder?

There’s a community guide about this:

I can seem to find anything about how mounting flash drives works. I think you think I’m trying to install home assistant on a flash memory device. It’s already on my odroid n2+ emmc chip, I’m just trying to mount a flash drive I’ve plugged into the USB port to use it as a storage device exclusively for the database. I can’t figure out where the flash drive is mounted or how to access it or how to figure out what url I should use for the recorder to save everything onto the flash drive instead of the emmc storage, I’d rather kill a bunch of flash drives then the emmc module.

Have a look at this thread. Think this is what you are looking for.