Move data to external drive via UI (datactl feature request?)

I’m keen to move (at least my data) off my microSD and onto an external SSD.

I’m ok to boot off microSD for the moment.

I understand this is now possible using the datactl command.

But this looks a bit complex and scary for simple punters like me on “” (all-inclusive full installation on pi4 4gb).

It would be tops if there was an easy-peasy way to do this from the UI (maybe on the System page?)

I didn’t see a feature request for this yet, although I suspect it would probably be in the devs pipeline?

Does this seem like a sensible feature request to you? Have I missed something? Do you think I should open one?

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I have read the documentation on using datactl but have not seen any documents on what do back up and what to restore. If the SD fails, what do I do? If the SSD fails, what is needed. It is clear how to restore on either the SD or SSD. I do not know how to restore the split?

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Sorry to dig up an older post, but did you find answers to any of your questions? I’m debating whether I want to use this supported route or boot off SSD.

There are several excellent tutorials for setting up the pi to boot from USB. I did not see a difference using the official install method of boot from SD and everything else on SSD. I found if your hardware is compatible you can boot directly from the SSD. I still have issues on my system with every HA OS after 5.4. The system freezes after many hours. Lots of open Github issues since November 2020. I have since moved to Debian with HA supervisor. No issues in over a month. Kong Who wrote a very good tutorial on this.

I decided to hold and keep my all-in-one set-up on microSD.

Just sounded like potential hassle and not a clear enough benefit - I have a reliable backup process and microSD speed is ok. More storage space would be nice though.

Hopefully managing microSD/external SSD will get slicker in the future.

You will see major speed improvement if you go to SSD.

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I went with the USB boot option and am using the Argon One M.2 case for my Pi 4 8Gb and am not experiencing any lockups or other issues! Happy everything is working normally.

This is looking promising for me:)