Movement and light sensor for around 10$?

ANyone using cameras, like xiaomi, they cost around 30$ and (should) have a light sensor e motion sensor built in?

many thanks for your explanation. My biggest worry (beside the time and effort to build a DIY system), is this last one. As the object most probably will be visible in (some of the) living spaces

These are about $1.50 and would be fine for the parts I mentioned:

Might take a small amount of dremeling or cutting to fit everything, but that wont show on the outside.

Found that in < 1 minute of googling. Search term: nodemcu enclosure - third or fourth link was a forum post titled “enclosure for your portable projects” that linked to these. You can always paint them if you don’t like the color. If these don’t fit the requirement, I’m not really sure what you’re looking for.

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for the sensor you mean? but not for the complete product.

like i said, the cheap sensors are also out there, almost all of them in china, and for most of them you have to look a bit more, because in google you wont see them in the first row.
i recently saw some 433mhz pir sensors coming by for around 6 bucks. i hadnt found something like that in my search, probably because i didnt search right. and it made me think about if i shouldnt use those instead of the DIY sensors i am using now.(which are even more expensive all together)

I decided against that because then all i have is a PIR for 6 bucks, and its 433mhz, and not programmable.
i am quite sure there are also PIR and lightsensor in 1 (they are also cheap there to connect to outside lighting) which have 433 mhz. you just need to search for it.

you can start with “433mhz PIR sensor”, “433 mhz light sensor”

then you come up with smething like this:

which is part off a total system. and then you need to seek out or that system also has lightsensors.

the problem is that if it is not DIY, that the radiosignal has to have a function.
noone will sell (or buy) a 433 mhz doorbell if there isnt also something that gives the tone you can hear.
making a lightsensor and not selling a device that can work with the signal wouldnt make any sense.
so if you find something like that it will probably Always be connected to a PIR. and if nit then it is connected to a complete programmable homesystem device.

so how is the range?

what you think is the industrial cost for this. It works perfectly, very functional. 6$, on offer less. PIR little more. What I miss is a light sensor, is in the gateway, you could get for 30$ (and has a radio, light sensor, light, alarm function), but a bit crazy to put one in each room …

still is near the pi3, trying to make it work … if it works, I found the below 10$ light sensor :smiley:

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production in china, you buy it in china, low overhead.
i think you speak off productioncosts from around 1 to 1,5 bucks.

buy the same thing in europe or the USA and it will probable be 10 or 12 bucks.

I think 99,999% of the product mentioned in this thread, and in others in this forum, are made in China

Sorry. How is it? Any success? Is the range far?

you know, I left it there. Since is not reliable, sometimes has values to the moon (4800 C temperature …)

But tonight I can make tests for you. But really I prefer more stable products.

Also, for example, the broadlink rmpro inside temperature sensor is crap, totally unreliable.

I want measurements for automation, so they have to be reliable, otherwise makes no sense to use it

yes I know that is I spend 100$ I get the most reliable sensor in the universe: so let me add it, I want it reliable and on the 10$ range

but should be possible, I have a camera bought for 20$ and has a good working motion and light sensor …

I think the best would be to get the value out of a cheapo camera.

Anyone knows one?

Naaaa, forget it. For automation something more solid is needed. I think the problem is that it takes value every 30 minutes for battery concern. I think is too much

OK thanks. It seems the best option for me is Broadlink A1.

Unfortunately, it is 4 times the $10 range.

well at that price it make sense the Hue PIR and light sensor … small, slick, it should work fine. Not too sure about the broadlink seeing how the temp sensor of the rmpro behaves …

I added a light sensor and temp sensor to the gateway if interested.

This is a pretty old post, but I just want to say I saw this comment the other day when looking for a cheap light sensor, and I ended up building one as you described with a NodeMCU board.

In total, it cost me about $17 (I ordered on Amazon because I was impatient… if you ordered from China it would be much cheaper. Most expensive thing was the power supply oddly enough) and took about 3 hours to setup from start to finish (would have taken less time but I ran into some issues connecting my NodeMCU board to my Mac).

I flashed the board with the sketch from the BRUH Automation Multisensor. It works extremely well. I don’t have an enclosure for it yet, but I’m working on finding one or making one to 3D print.

BRUH Automation has an awesome video tutorial for how to set this up as well (just leave out the sensors you don’t need).

Anyway, to anyone who comes across this topic later, I’d recommend this as the way to go. Easy, cheap, and pretty fun to set up. Thanks @Zen

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Just want to add Xiaomi second generation motion sensor (Aqara) includes light sensor and I think it’s around 10 bucks only.

Ordered a couple of that for testing.

Another reply to an old topic, but if someone comes across this thread, here is another simple ESP-based option with several sensors on a small board for ~$12 on