Movement and light sensor for around 10$?

Anything available?

There is Aeotec, Fibaro, Hue, but all above 40.

Anything for less?

@bruhautomation / @brusc had a esp8266 based multi sensor in one of his videos that I think he is going to make a video on with a how to. However, I haven’t seen it yet. Looked very interesting, motion sensor, luminosity, temp and humidity all off a ESP8266 and likely reporting over MQTT.

Other than a home grown sensor I haven’t seen anything that cheap. If you want to hard wire it to a PI the PIR sensor can be had cheap and the existing binary sensor for GPIO works well. Not aware of any existing components for luminosity.


Home automation is a lot about lights.

Is strange that are not many product with this functionality : if somebody is in the room and in low light conditions turn on the light!!

This is what I did. I built this gateway…

…and it can read signal from all these cheap 433Mhz devices…

But I still haven’t find any light sensor or weather station that is supported by this gateway.

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Light sensor is what I miss.

Now looking at Xiaomi gateway as light sensor. It cost 36 and includes door sensor, switch, and temp sensor. Excellent price, although not sure the light sensor is hacked for hass

But didn’t want to put a full gateway in every room of my house :))))

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good suggestion. i am wondering how far is the signal range?

I just got it, will let you know

already starts the problem, how to get the mac address, I have tons of items in my router

From the documentation:

mac (Required): The MAC address of your sensor. You can find this be running hcitool lescan from command line.

It is using bluetooth, so it is not connected to your router

yes I read that. Ok is not on the router. So from which command line?? Now the Mi Flora is connected with bluetooth on my android device

The command line of the computer running Home assistant.
Are you using a raspberryPi? Then log in to the raspberryPi and run hcitool lescan
And you do not need the app, I never installed it.

mmhh ok, I put the mi flora near the raspberry pi (but the actual oplace it should go is a bit far from the pi, so that will be a problem, will check that later)

I do have a bunch of mac address 8. 7 with (unknown) and 1 with (charge).

WHich should be the first mac address of a xiaomi mi flora?? All my xiaomi devices start with 28 …??

F4:F5:D8xx (unknown)
F4:F5:D8xx (unknown)
54:60:09:xx (unknown)
46:46:98:xx (unknown)
46:46:98:xx (unknown)
E8:1B:30:xx (unknown)
E8:1B:30:xx Charge

Turn off the sensor and scan again, to see which device is missing. Then you know.
And my plant sensors are stating with C4:7C:8D:61:7

yes, I had to take out battery and back on (can you turn it on/off in another way??)

I confirm also mine starts with C4:7C:8D:61:7

but if range of bluetooth is not enough which are the solutions?

Put other pi3 no, otherwise is better to get a hue sensor for 40

you have a DIY gateway with open ports.
why not just use a photocell on the gateway as light sensor?

You mean the 433toMQTTto433 gateway?

I put that box in a cabinet where it is dark.

I prefer something portable like the Mi Flora sensor so that I can put it anywhere in the house or even outdoor. I cannot depend on time to automate the lights because sometimes the sky gets pretty dark in the noon when it is raining. So I hope by putting one of those sensors outdoor, it can help me automate the lights when the sky is actually dark.

make another gateway for it.
or use an arduino/nodemcu with a 433 mhz and a photocell to send the value to your other gateway.

DIY solution might be:

gets you light sensor (and RGB LED)

Add a PIR to the board and you have both for around $10