Moving ZHA dongle to a different USB port

Hi everyone,
I got a Zigbee mesh network built with a bunch of devices using a Nortek HUSBZB-1 dongle connected to a USB3.0 port and I need to move it to another 2.0 port to make room for an SSD and an Intel NCS. I’m on HAOS 2021.11.5

Do I have to ditch the ZHA integration and re-build the ZB network (and re-pair everything) once I have moved the dongle to the new USB port ?

I found the dongle path in:


so I wonder if I can just re-target the new USB port to the path entry of the ZHA config in there, or if there are also entries ni the sqlite DB that might break things.

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No, your network is stored on the stick.
Worst case is your integration wouldn’t start because it cant ‘find’ the stick. To prevent this, just make sure you are using the by-id name (the long name, not just the short path) of the serial port that references your stick then you can move it at will…

How to locate the correct path:

Then make sure your integration is setup to use the full by-id path then restart it to verify. Once it works. Shut down the integration and move your stick.

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NathanCu you’re right, I had the path set up to the full serial by-id path, I just disabled the ZHA integration, shut down HA from the server controls, changed the device USB port and turn it back on, and enabled the integration, at first the integration showed up as “Not loaded”, but after a few minutes everything started to work as expected.

Thanks !!

This is what I had in the /config/.storage/core.config_entries (that’s the path I put in when setting up the fisrt time I configured the ZHA integration)

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I have migrated from Pi to a NUC. The ZHA integration can not find my Sonoff 3.0 stick. Have have the bi-id path in the core.config_entries. I can not see the stick when I go into the hardware-list under system. I can see my Rfxtrx stick that works. Any ideas?

Edit: My own fault, bad USB connection to the stick. :grimacing:

can you help me with where did you get the right value of the path? I am seeing this and not sure what I need to edit:

And this is what I am seeing under Hardware in HA: