MQTT Cayenne data to HA


I’m currently sending temperature and humidity (DHT22) data to Cayanne ( with ESP8266.
How could I show same data in HA?
Does anyone have a sample how to do this?


You need to set up your own mqtt broker - the HA embedded broker is simplest to start with.

Then set your esp8266 to send messages to the ip address of your new broker.

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Thanks! Need to try this. Further, is there an easy and secure way to see sensor data outside of my home network? That’s what I’ve liked in Cayenne. Basically I would like too see outside temperature.

I am not sure what you are asking. There are lots of weather services that HA can read that will tell you the outside temperature anywhere in the world. I use dark sky.

I mean my own outside temperature sensor data. Not a weather service.

You can allow access to HA from outside your home, but whenever you do this it will never be totally secure.

The most secure way is probably to use the tor onion service, but that takes quite some setting up.

The simplest way, and this is my opinion amongst many, is to use the ‘caddy’ reverse proxy program. The setup for HA is here

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Ok, thanks @gpbenton ! Need to check this.