MQTT Client setup

The payload format is: {“ABC”: “decimal_number”}
The info I was provided is CONFIDENTIAL. I am sorry, but because it is confidential I
cannot tell you the exact ABC value and exact decimal_number value.
I guess, the format of Payload is important but actual values should not matter.

Yeah and that kinda sucks, to seek help from an OS community for some bullshit confidentiality bollocks. I guess they aren’t interested in helping their customers.

I am/was very surprised they actually sent me all this confidential info in a first place.
For them I am just a regular customer.
But everything is actually working just fine from MQTT Explorer (Windows app).
Now my goal is to get it working from HA. And I guess, I am just a heir away from the success.
Unfortunately my software skills are very limited but I hope, i will get it working.
If you don’t mind, could you please provide me an example of 100% working CLI command?

That was it!
Thank you very much for the link.
So, instead of {“ABC”: “decimal_number”} the correct payload must be {\“ABC\”: \“decimal_number\”}
Now everything is working as it should.
It looks like I don’t even need to configure a Bridge Function unless this will be required for creating Automations which is my next step and challenge. It will be a BIG help if you (or anybody else) can
point me in a right direction. I need a portion of Automation(s) how to deal with MQTT.

This publishes the time my frontdoor was last opened :

- id: '1567689165700'
  alias: frontdoor opened
  - platform: mqtt
    topic: sensor/voordeur
    payload: 'ON'
  - data:
      payload_template: '{{ now().strftime("%H:%M %d/%m/%y") }}'
      topic: sensor/frontdoor
      retain: true
    service: mqtt.publish

The relevant part is the action

Thank you for the quick response.
But I need an example how to use a “mosquitto_pub” command with all relevant options in the Automations. Maybe I do need a configured and working Bridging Function instead of CLI command.

@Nicone @francisp

Thank you very much for providing me little but very valuable pieces of info.
Finally I made things working the way I want it.

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