Mqtt cover garage door

Yay it’s working, your a champion and a scholar, it’s working as it should be. Thank you so much for your help and guidance through this process. I have learned so much this week and wouldn’t have been able to correct this without your assistant and it has been most appreciated

Doors open

Doors closed

Now I can move onto the water system.control

Glad to hear it’s working!

Sorry for mixing up the triggering syntax. I’ve been helping several people using MQTT and forgot that this automation uses platform: state for triggering and not platform: mqtt. That one mistake caused a lot of debugging!

I appreciate you providing detailed information, especially the logs. It helped me to (eventually) track down my mistake.

Good luck with the water control system!

No all good no need to apologise, before this I knew nothing about MQTT (I still know very little) but I’m more comfortable with the service as a whole having gone through this process

Moving forward I’m going to come up against this again and during my research, I didn’t really find a good guide on the language to use for the payloads and states. I’ve read the HA components documentation on the MQTT topic and it does explain what it does but find some of the explanations and examples a little vague

Do you have any suggestions or sites you found helpful when you were starting out?

I read the ten chapters of HiveMQ’sMQTT Essentials. It’s an excellent overview of MQTT.

Use an MQTT client, like MQTT Explorer, to help you see all of the broker’s topics and experiment with publishing to topics.

Excellent will check them out

Thanks again

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