MQTT Doorbell RF and ESP8266

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How have you got this wired up? I can see 3 cables going to the door bell? Isn’t it just 2 for gnd and D6? Unless the 3rd one is going to something else. Thanks


Wire to the speaker broke. So that third was to reattach speaker to power.


So if I don’t want to use the speaker I can just leave it disconnected?



I believe it should still work, yes. I still wanted the audible sound but yes you can use the power to make sound as the trigger for the switch. Keep in mind what I did was very very rough and I am a complete amateur.


Thanks, I do have it working now. But when I press the button it sends a OFF then ON message about 6 times.

The image below is after pressing it once. Know anyway to limit the messages it sends? It chimes 2 times when pushed.


I think you will have to limit on HA side. Unless there a button option I’dont know about.


In what way can I limit it on the HA side? In node red I have a throttle node for the automation. Thanks


This is the original guide I used. Apparently I miss remembered and he coded it to ignore. The only think I can think of is a node red sense the chime, then notify a templated sensor for x number of seconds. There is going to be a better way, but I don’t really know at this point.


Yeah that’s where I got the idea from for it. Didn’t really follow the video as I wanted to add a few things.

Have you got an example of what the template sensor should look like. I assume it wants json stuff but if it’s a dummy sensor can I leave it out?

I could get the MQTT message into node red I guess and and just put a throttle on it that way and send that to a template sensor for a few seconds?

I am just not that good with template stuff.