MQTT entity naming change

Hi I just upgraded to 2024.2.0 and received two errors after upgrade:

Discovered entities with a name that starts with the device name
Discovered MQTT entities with a name that is equal to the device name

Are these safe to ignore? If not. How can I fix them? Thanks


See if this thread helps:


Amazing, thanks. I’ll ignore the warning then

Same warning here.

what is meant with “ignore”? Ignore as human or press IGNORE button and leave warning until Z2M updates?

First one ignore then the other ignore. For now. :thinking:


Same problem, I just ignore it, everything looks good but entities from Z2M don’t work. I’ve got tv led strip and couple sensors. TV led strip button doesn’t work and sensors don’t show any information.
Do you know how to fix it?

Thank you

@petro perhaps close this thread to force people to the linked thread. I already see duplicate comments and questions.

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