MQTT integration help - HASSBIAN & HASSIO

HI, I"m trying to get my HASSIO install (on a old server running OMV) to display the DHT22 sensor values from a HASSBIAN install on a RPI 0. I have the MQTT broker running, and linked on the HASSBIAN system, but the integration has no devices and i’m not sure how to add the sensor to my HASSIO manually.

I was under the impression that MQTT discovery would find them, and I’ll post my configs if needed, but i’m a newb and get confused quickly with this. Thanks for any help!

Not unless your hassbian instance is publishing the sensor’s configuration to a discovery topic (and it certainly won’t do that by default).

The following post explains how to use MQTT Statestream to arrive at something very similar to what you want:

If the sensor is publishing its state to an MQTT topic then achieving your goal is even easier. Just define an MQTT Sensor on the hassio instance that subscribes to the same MQTT topic.

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man…thank you so much. Exactly what I was looking for :smile:

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