MQTT sensors for MQTT Sensor integration


I’m rather confused, most likely for I am a newbee.

I am looking for MQTT sensors (see also previous post), so I can start configuring the decision process. The integration mentions mqtt sensors, and I’ve been looking on the components section. But I truly get lost to find ‘out of the box’ mqtt sensors.

Simply put, I need:

  • temperature
  • humidity (of air and soil)
  • air quality (LPG, CO, CH4)
  • light sensor

Prefer them to be small, and wireless (will have around 10 temp/humidity) and 1 light, 1 air and connected to valves. Much like, but different than this post.

Waiting to be corrected, but I get the impression most MQTT sensors are homemade. I use MQTT a lot but they are all generally made out of ESP8266 with my own code on them.

There are lots of different ZigBee sensors that cover at least temperature, humidity and illuminance, for air quality I don’t know. You can then use a ZigBee controller stick and use ZigBee2MQTT. This way you will have everything in MQTT.

That would explain a lot indeed! So should be stop looking for it as well. The shelly H&T does and quite good as well. With the help of this HACS. .

Most impressed by the script btw.

Brilliant, thanks for the help! Will look into it.

Shelly supports mqtt out of the box. See
Everysting you mention except air quality sensors are available at a fair price.

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Everything is a bit much, but indeed, quite some. The H&T of shelly is not too bad.

But soil temp and soil humidity is not there, nor indeed air quality. Light sensors is missing as far as I know. In that respect, it only supports air humidity and air temperature.