MQTT update implementation help

Hi All,
I am trying to implement remote updates via MQTT Update for my monitoring script GitHub - hjelev/rpi-mqtt-monitor: Raspberry Pi MQTT Monitor gathers system information and sends it to a MQTT server. but I am having hard time figuring out the exact MQTT communication needed for this.
If some one have already implemented this pls help with some examples.


Sorry - I’m not going to read through an entire GitHub repository for reasons.

Can you tell us what are you trying to do specifically please?

I’ve implemented fully automated HASS integration via HASS MQTT Discovery in Python, although the dev cycle is quick as you can test instantly using mosquitto_pub & mosquitto_sub in Bash scripts to prototype MQTT auto-discovery:

HASS MQTT setup help is here:

Here’s a mosquitto_pub example to get you started hacking together a proof of concept:

HASS changes immediately on receiving the publish.

Another example:

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