MQTT with Retained Flag no Data update

Many people use HiveMQ and other brokers without issue. It is more likely an issue with CCU Jack.I see you have opened an issue:


Maybe, but what is against this assumption is the fact that wit MQTT Explorer everything works, so when the MQTT Integration would work like MQTT Explorer, I would have no issue…

Tryed to use the workaround with the Mosquitto Bridge… When I’ve prepared everything properly then there really seems to be something wrong with the protocol…

mosquitto version 2.0.18 running
2024-04-11 15:54:33: Connection Refused: unacceptable protocol version
2024-04-11 15:54:33: Client local.core-mosquitto.bridge-01 closed its connection.
2024-04-11 15:54:33: New connection from on port 1883.
2024-04-11 15:54:33: Client <unknown> disconnected due to protocol error.

It’s either HA not subscribing the CCU Jack topics correctly (unlikely as it works for other brokers), or CCU Jack not publishing to the subscribed HA client correctly when a subscribed topic receives a new message. Unlikely to be an authentication issue as it is publishing retained messages to HA when it connects.

Anything in the HA or CCU Jack logs that can shed light on this?


I use EMQx and have no issues with retained flags in HA. My guess is that since CCU Jack uses Go as it’s language, it’s doing something that may not be part of the standard 3.1.1 spec when it comes to the retain flag. I couldn’t find anything in the source code that highlighted the broker it uses (but it looks like it’s a Go version of MQTT).

That’s like comparing apples to oranges. MQTT Explorer and HA use completely different libraries to access MQTT brokers and may have differences in how they both handle the retain flag. I know that HA made changes last year(?) to how it handles the retain flag that I think might have been different than the 3.1.1 spec allows for (for 5.x broker support).

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I have a Solution now. I’m using the Mosquitto Broker in HA and the CCU Jack is working as a Bridge. I can live with that, but really curious why the Jack Broker is not working in HA. Placed an issue on CCU-Jack Project.