MQTT working except ALL Services run but *do nothing*

New fresh install and I’ve been at this a dozen hours… Services/Automations run but do not work.

MQTT works great. I am using and I see all messages I subscribe to. I’m using HA on MacOS High Sierra. 10.13.6

I see all Services and Automations triggering fine and running but I get no communication from my PC to anywhere. At first I thought it was just a config issue, but this stuff isn’t hard to configure. Mod a few files, restart the server, click check config and go. " Configuration valid!"

I’ve tried 3 different Services : Pushbullet, IFTTT and Notify via email.
They all run and end up in the log file:

[test_pushbullet] started
[NotifyEmail] started
[IFTTT Test] started
Door Automation has been triggered

But nothing happens…
I get no communication from my HA service on his system to IFTTT, SMTP, or Pushbullet. Nothing. MQTT works fine from my local net to the internet and back to HA and I see all messagees I subscribe to AND it triggers the correct Automation so it’s not a network/router, firewall or internet issue.

Also, Using the developer tool I hit the “Call Service” button after filling out all the info and nothing happens.

Any ideas before I call it quits and scrap this platform?


All of the things you mention do work if configured correctly. But you have not given us any info. I’ll let you read this:

Wow. Dude, you need to go get a job in corporate america. Open Source is not your bag at all…

“Any question about Home Assistant, and about using things with Home Assistant, is welcome here.”

Yup… Read my question about Home Assistant above… does ANYONE have any ideas about trying things I haven’t?

ok, other than this totally useless response, does anyone have any suggestions on what I can try?

What Nick said. You haven’t given us any info. All we know is MQTT works and, apparently, nothing else.

As per the link Nick gave you, we need information to help you solve this problem.

What version are you using?
How is it installed (venv or docker)?
Any errors reported in syslog?
What’s your configuration for the parts that don’t work?

installed Friday:
Home Assistant 0.94.4
How is it installed (venv or docker)? no idea… MacOS service per install instruction.

no errors at all. config on ALL 3 services is per the tutorials and cookbooks.

the email notify pieces:


  • name: notify
    platform: smtp
    server: smtp dot gmail dot com
    port: 587
    timeout: 30
    sender: myemail at gmaisl dot com
    encryption: starttls
    username: myemail at gmail dot com
    password: mypass
    - myemail at gmail dot com
    sender_name: Home Assistant

alias: NotifyEmail
service: notify.notify
message: This is a test notification!

the automation works fine. MQTT works great. Services do not work at all.


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Yeah right. Using Linux since the 90s. Helped run my local LUG for some year, including a number of presentations. On the team for a very major open source media project. Contributed to the open source community many many times over many years. That is why I know your post was completely inadequate for debugging purposes and why I pointed you to the how to for beginners.