Multiple 50GB+ Backups. Please Help


I’m running Home Assistant as a VM on Proxmox. The VM keeps running out of space and I couldn’t understand why. Within the Home Assistant UI I can go to Backups and I see two, they’re pretty large at 75GB and 46GB. However, if I SSH to cd/backup I see additional backups not listed by the U.I. of 97GB and 60GB. There were many more which I’ve since deleted. So why are these backups in the folder but not being listed by the UI?

My next questions is why are these backups so large. I wanted to try and download one to have a look within the file but I can’t figure out the best way to do this. Any ideas?

Many Thanks

Are you including a massive database file in your backup?

I believe I was but have since deleted the addon’s so I expected them to reduce in size but no luck. I had InfluxDB and Grafana installed.

It is discussed here also.
It might be a bug that backups are not listed correctly, because they have failed.

I thought I had made a bug report on it or a feature request to see those files, but I can’t find it, so maybe make a bug report on it.

And I write something about the backup files in HA here:

If it is Proxmox backup files, then I do not know what compression they use, but read the thread I linked to above, because it explains some of what happens in the relationship between a hypervisor and its VMs.

My proxmox VM isnt setup to create backups. I also wish my issue was that small, my drive size is 400GB and the Home Assistant backups I’ve deleted were taking up over 200GB.

I think one of the recent Supervisor updates had a fix for backup of large installations.
That means the backups prior to that update might have failed and that is the ones you now deleted.

Keep an eye on the backups in the future to see if it is solved.

Sound like you are running HAOS as a VM, I’m not well versed in the internals of HAOS. That said, a couple things you might have a look at :

  1. I believe HAOS addons are docker containers, in native docker if a container runs amuck and keep restarting it can cause the docker file system to balloon for that container. On native docker, you can see the sizes of container storage with:
sudo du -sh /var/lib/docker/volumes

and you can then drill down into each container volume to find the bad egg. You said you delete your addon, but perhaps there storage is till around. I’m not sure if HAOS stores it’s docker file system in the same place as native docker, so poke around.
2) As was also cited here, there does seem to be cases where VM’s configured with ‘SSD’ type storage need to have the ssd trim command run on the VM. I’m not sure I understand why folks configure their VM storage as ‘SSD’ drives, even if they are actually stored on SSD in native Proxmox. Seems like disk management of that type should be done on the physical iron using Proxmox, not in a VM. But that is another conversation.

Good hunting!

Is this a reasonable size?
(607 MB)

I don’t understand why my backups are so large:
(bottom one is 104GB)

I’ve just noticed something else weird. I download the backup and extracted the tar files within. The folders seem nowhere near the size of the main tar file. Confusing :confused:

Are you checking hidden folders and files too?
The HA storage directory is hidden in Linux, so it is named .storage

As David also mentioned, Influx and Grafana, i used to have these also, and never got a grip of where they “stored”, but detailed Graphs tends to grow huge, and this was also the reason i decided to remove these, as there was other plugins which could replace the most important, i wanted graphs on.
However, i never found the “storage”, so i choosed to install a fresh HA, an, backed up/restored from backup.
So it all comes down to, Do you wanna keep these backups ?, move or delete all, check your disk size, if still huge, you either have to dig deep, or make partial backups ( and manually Copy/paste, just in case ) Then Reinstall