Multiple HA Instances

I have found a solution which has not been cited anywhere and which for me solves the problem of having more than one house to control:

download insular from f-droid which is a sandboxing app which allows installing the same app multiple times with different profiles.
You then can add a second link in the home screen of the Home Assistant app, the second will have a small insular icon indicating it is in a separate “island” (aka profile).

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Would the use of the Secure Folder on a Samsung Galaxy phone do this as well? Reading your post has sparked my interest in trying this approach, at least for my specific use case.

I currently use the Remote Home Assistant integration from HACS to allow my main HA monitor my remote HA instance. I also use a pinned URL to connect to the UI and view the dashboards I created on the remote instance (2nd home).

If I can sandbox a second mobile app this would allow me to have the second instance connected. As long as there are no conflicts that would be great.

Another project to add to my ever growing list of HA things to do.

Replying to my post above. If you have a Samsung Galaxy Phone (verified on a Note 10+) you can run 2 separate instances of the mobile app.

So far, no conflicts. My main reason for investigating this is to be able to trigger separate automations based on NFC tags in each home, in the specific HA instance that I have running in each location.

This idea is yet to be verified however I am able to connect each HA mobile instance to it’s respective HA server.

The Secure Folder feature creates a separate sandbox for Work, which I am using for my 2nd home mobile app instance. This allows me to move any specific apps associated with that home.

Another, albeit for a limited set of devices and not a full multi-site, solution.