Multiple Problems after Z-Wave Migration

After a LOT of pain, and unexplained vague “error” (?) messages that were useless like “object object” and “failed to get migration data” I eventually got past it by ignoring the popups.

I’m still working out the problems with it, some things (like my dimmer lights) didn’t actually carry the names of the light controls, but the bigger concern I see is thermostats are wrong.

The thermostats seem to be operating as expected, but the displayed temperature in Home Assistant is totally wrong. Everything seems like it is in Fahrenheit (which is reality on the set-points and main unit) but then it shows room-temp as a value in the 20’s like its Celsius?

Its also showing me odd extra setpoints when I tap to get the window and adjust the temperatures. Its got a heat and cool temp and another extra temp I don’t know what it thinks it is?

I’ve also not yet found where in the new controls I can edit/remove/add codes to my Yale locks

And also, the dimmer switch for my fan (Inovelli light+fan) has changed from “light” to “fan” and I am getting errors trying to fix it on the Lovelace so I can control it easily again.

I assume you are using ZwaveJS and not ZwaveJS2MQTT. I had a similar problem with my thermostat a long time ago, but it seemed to snap to Fahrenheit after a while. I would suggest a reboot if you haven’t already. What type of thermostats are you using?

For your fan, would you mind sharing a screenshot of the entity’s more-info screen from the Zwave integration?

Thermostats are Honeywell T9 Pro Z-Wave

Is this the screen you’re asking for?

I’m still unsure where everything has moved to. I also just found that apparently the “scene triggers” (push a button on the switch and it fires an automation) are not working, but I’ve not had a chance to look that up yet as I’m still trying to get basic functionality on off back again.

I have the T6 Pro (I couldn’t find any info on T9 Zwave stats, I thought those were only Wifi) and indeed had the same issues. I would try to re-interview the device and wait.

That is the device info page. Can you try adding a new light card instead of using the old?

I’ll try adding that.
EDIT: Adding a new light card it doesn’t even offer the fan dimmer as a choice to control.

In the meantime I have also just learned that the locks alarm_type and alarm_level (which has info like which method of unlocking was used, if the motor is jammed, etc) are “disabled” on the new system and I don’t see an easy way to get that data (it didn’t let me re-enable). Not great if this means I can no longer be notified if a door failed to lock properly or trigger events based on an authorized PIN unlock kinda defeats smart locks.

This lock should be showing a failure “motor jammed” that it could not operate…but its not providing the required fields back.

My apologies. You are correct, but the light card is only for light entities. You can use a button card to control.

I don’t have smart locks so I have limited knowledge to help. However, your specific trigger events will probably be served as a zwavejs event rather than a sensor.

I’m not seeing any events triggered when the door lock is actuated (listening on zwavejs_events as I found in another thread) and all the documentation for the lock clearly says what the possible values are for alarm_type and alarm_level so I don’t know how I’d map those to the same actions if its some other different event type.

A button won’t help me with the fan control because its a dimmer, just like a light would be.

It sounds like this zwavejs stuff isn’t ready for prime time, I think I need to pull my backups and revert. There’s too much that seems to be missing or broken.

Try listening to zwave_js_notification.

Okay, you may not realize that the more info dialog is the default hold action. You can change the speed there. Is it a light dimmer or a fan speed controller?

Hard disagree. It is a different integration, everything won’t line up the way the old one used to be. I know it can be frustrating as hell sometimes.

Huh, that’s different than I’ve heard others say to monitor. So that does give me some of the information but not all of it. For example it tells me manual or keypad lock/unlock but not about malfunction or tamper alarms (such as removal of the keypad panel).

It a combined light and fan, both have always shown up as a light dimmer in the past (its a ceiling fan controller). The wall plate I can press and hold to “slide” it between 0 and 100% in a very smooth way, just like a light dimmer. It has no “steps” that I can perceive.

I don’t mind trying to learn some new things, its all the dead-ends I’m seeing that others have the same question and haven’t figured it out either.

You need to listen on zwave_js_notification. Here is my full code for disarming the alarm when I use my door code. Took me days to work this out.