Multiple Vera Hubs

I’d like to see it as an option. I have old CA600 switches and aeon door sensors that only work properly on my VeraLite. Everything else is on a VeraPlus.

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You have to add the option to control multiple Vera hubs.

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I have a second vera controller in and external building that I would like to add to HA.

How are others working around this? I had to work around this with Homebridge by having a separate Raspberry Pi, If I have to do this here, how can I integrate all into a single instance?

+1 for multiple Vera support

Would like multiple Veras support too!

I have several locations where Vera is installed. Is there another way or platform that can integrate them all?

Didn’t try it yet but this should be the solution:

Yes, it’s a solution for 2 controllers. But for 4 Vera controllers located in different locations, what can be done?

Now I have discovered … two Veras can connect if they are in the same LAN.

Hi, I have 2 separate Vera’s (on the same subnet) - please could someone confirm if it’s possible to specify them both in the configuration.yaml, or if this is still a pending improvement request?

If some has a working set up of two, please could they share the configuration they have used.

Many thanks

One may, however, have to consider two aspects, the two Vera being in the same LAN network as HA. Then integrates a Vera (slave) into the other Vera (master). Then Vera master integrates into HA.
HA allows only a Vera hub.

Bridging two Vera hubs is all fine and dandy if your hubs are on the same subnet. However, they use broadcasts to find each other and this cannot be done if they are on separate networks (like a cottage and a home).

+1 need to migrate to another vera but gradually…

Another +1 for this, having access to multiple Vera’s will allow me to control an older Lite running UI5 and a newer Edge on the latest FW.

FYI - I’m able to connect to multiple Veras via Node Red - - That would be another route to integrated in HASS

Is it possible to see in HomeAssistant the entities from Vera through Node Red?

yes, by default. any entity is shown there.

Can you help me. I don’t know how.
I can do automations in Node Red with Vera devices. But I don’t know how to display them in the Home Assistant.

there is too little information in your request for help.
Maybe start here:

But given the information you provided here is your answer.

There are 2 options:

  1. use the vera integration:

  2. if you have used the “mios” node (that’s the only in thing I can think of when you say:

You most likely do have your nodes created in node-red and then you can use:

this way you can “create” devices in node-red that are visible in home assistant as an entity.
By using the “entity node”, this creates an entity in homeassitant.

+1 Native integration would be ideal