Mushroom Multiple lights in one card

Can someone please tell me if there is a way to turn off and on multiple lights without seeing every light and instead only having one card :grinning:

Hi :grin: if you need more information about what I’m asking you can tell me

Use a light group helper to group your lights and turn that on and off.

How can I do that

Under Settings - Devices and services - Helpers (in the UI). Use group and group your lights then in your mushroom card use the entity for your helper.

Thanks :grin: it worked

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You can also do this via the configuration.yaml file

Lighting Groups


  • platform: group
    name: All Living Room Lights
    • light.living_rm_living_bath
    • light.living_rm_living_ceiling
    • light.living_rm_living_foyer_ball
    • light.living_rm_living_nook
    • light.living_rm_living_north_hallway
    • light.living_rm_living_south_hallway
    • light.living_rm_living_stairs
    • light.living_rm_living_wall_sconces
    • light.living_rm_living_wine_bar
  • platform: group
    name: All Master Lights
    • light.master_bed_rm_master_ceiling
    • light.master_bed_rm_master_closet_main
    • light.master_bed_rm_master_dolphins
    • light.master_bed_rm_master_hallway