My Garden Irrigation


Thank you. I’ll take a look at the service. I hope it is good for Italy weather


What do you think about implementing Programs like real system irrigation controller?
For example most of it have Program A, B, C.
Each Program has it’s own start time and duration.
It is usefull for system where a valve watering a garden, and another valve is for microirrigation/drop irrigation: valve for garden probably need minor time and can run every 2 days… Microirrigation can be longer and must run every day, and more times in a day (morning, afternoon and evening)


My new (yet to be fully tested and released) irrigation controller has 3 programs to give the functionality you are talking about there. I hope to have it ready very soon and post it here


I’m very curious to see it :slight_smile:


@sparkydave I’m keen to see this too. My NodeMCU turned up this week. I’m yet to do anything with it, but very curious to see your project.


I’m just trying to resolve a couple of syntax errors in the ESP automation which have gotten the better of me and then I think it will be ready… at least I hope so because I want to put it into service in a week