My Smartthings Divorce

Opps… okay I went in deleted the token for the HA App and reopened it and had to answer all the important questions. Opened up HA and NOW it sees my phone :slight_smile: I deleted the old phone and so now the ONLY phone in my system is the correct one!!!

Not sure if there isn’t an easier way but it worked :slight_smile:
Thank you!!!

Glad it worked out. As all of my devices are still active I haven’t encountered this issue yet.

Good luck on the journey. My home is fully on HA now. I repurposed my Smarthings Hub to manage a few ZigBee devices in our 2nd home, using the Smarthings Integration on the instance of HA I am running there.

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I want mine to be. I’m trying to figure things out so I can unplug the Smartthings hub… and ditch Amazon as well. I want a complete stand alone without either of those involved. So I’ve switched a ton of stuff to zigbee and there only a thing or two that still uses zwave.

Other then that. Pretty much I can delete the vast majority of my stuff off of Smartthings hub.

What are you using for your automations on HA? I am almost exclusively using Node-Red and have enjoyed it. One benefit for me is I can come back to a flow months later an know how it is working and make modifications/tweaks very easily. There have been a lot of improvements made in the native automation engine I am comfortable with the visual method of programming.

I have setup flows for the Sengled light switch (‎E1E-G7F) where I can select different lights and a fan, control brightness or speed, etc. I integrated verbal feedback via a Google mini in that room to indicate which device was selected.

Now I am playing with NFC tags. As my wife usually forgets to use the app for some of the triggers I can now setup flows triggered by specific tags. I have labels that fit perfectly on the tags. This allows me to place them in locations where she can simply tap her phone on the tag and presto, life is good.

My next big step is upgrading my HA computer. I feel that my Pi 4 is starting to struggle with everything I am doing or want to do. I will likely go with a X86 system and then move the Pi 4 hardware to the 2nd home.

I would love to use Node-Red if I knew how LOL. I think it’s one of those things that once you learn a flow it can be easier. I’ve looked at it, I have it installed and have looked at it.

I am using an Intel NUC for my HA. It’s an older one but rock solid!!! You can find them on Ebay [used] that work great and don’t break the bank. I really like Pi’s but don’t feel that they are strong enough for most things. I am using a PI4 for my MagicMirror but that’s it.

I am looking to pick up an used laptop to repurpose as an HA server. Built in battery backup! My old mini PCs don’t have an auto start after power loss feature.

That is an EXCELLENT idea… I have 2 old ones sitting on my porch. I think one is dead and I think the other has a bad screen… But yeah that would be the way to go!!! When the power goes out and I mean even for a second mine goes down…

I KNOW there has to be a bunch of old laptops out there!!

It’s been a while but FINALLY I am totally free from Smartthings and Alexa!!! Couldn’t be happier.

It’s ALL in house now :slight_smile: Unplugged the Smartthings hub the other day and Alexa is soon to follow… once my Sonos Speakers get here!!



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