Nabu Casa and internal URL

Maybe I’m overcomplicating things. But I just wanted to have ssl cert on local network and access ha over ssl in local network. I know this isn’t mandatory and that you don’t have to do this but that was what I want.
I use nabu casa for remote access.
The setup I done works for me, providing me what I want.
And yes I want to have my own dns server so I can check what my devices are doing online.
In my opinion people take local network for granted. Well it’s local network it’s secure don’t have to do anything. But the case is that you have a lot of devices and you don’t know what those devices are doing. It’s like you have a bunch of people in your house talking different languages and you can’t understand them or their intentions.
The next thing I would like to do is to run mqtt over ssl and make it work with zigbbe.

For me it is working now,
SSL local for local connection
and NabuCasa is also auto with SSL when connected remote…

I set the url’s in the WiFi settings.

I have Nabu Casa Remote access and run a wireguard server in my LAN.

If I don’t prioritize the internal url will it use Nabu Casa or localhost url when I am not physically located near me home WIFI SSID? Is there no way to see which connection is being used?

if you dont enable prioritize internal then the app will use the internal URL only when connected to a home wifi SSID. Otherwise prioritize internal will always try the internal URL first even if it will fail.

you can see this in the companion app logs when either URL is being used

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Thanks. Here is the log entry in case anyone wants to verify:

UrlRepository: localUrl is: true and usesInternalSsid is: false