Nabu Casa - new disabled webhook appeared "Local Support (google_assistant)"

I also just noticed this webhook, can we have some official response what it is used for?

Also wondering about this, any ideas?

Count me in
I’m wondering what is this

I don’t see anywhere to configure webhooks?
Ohhhhhh is it just in Nabu Casa?

The same sort of thing is present for the mobile app integration as well. This reinforces my belief that these are just standard webhooks that are added by these integrations so HA can receive messages from the nabu casa cloud service or from your phone.

I’d agree, except for the fact that this webhook is the only one with a slider to enable / disable, rather than a “Manage” link

If you enable the switch, you’ll get a manage link. The ones that say ‘manage’ are the ones that are also exposed via .

Ah ok.

It was one of those “resist the urge to press the button” moments for me.

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Did we finally get an answer as to what is this webhook and should we enable/disable it?

Just stumbled across this, if we could understand the last bit of the URL I’m wondering if we could set the webhook to a URL which would resolve locally.

I.e. if you have local DNS server Google and certificates all sorted you could save Google going out to the cloud and back in.

I hate to dredge up an old thread but it doesn’t appear that an answer was given here or elsewhere.

I’ve noticed this web hook now too. I’d like to know what happens and what I would be enabling if I was to turn this on.

As the most recent previous poster pointed out, it would be great if it offered some additional local control but at this stage I’d just like to know what it is.

My guess is that this is intended to support local intents for Google Assistant devices.

More here, and there.

Cheers !

@frenck, any clue who knows anything about this undocumented feature? Tqvm.

@balloob. Any clue to an explanation or pointer to person behind the code?


I’ve just set up Home Assistant Cloud and also noticed this web hook.
It could be good if it would be the local intents for Google Assistant, but still nothing documented.

count me in. Someone should remember this to include for the 2021 month of WTH.

For those that don’t know about “Month of WTH” About the Month of "What the heck?!"

Could it be the webhook which was used for Google Assistant integration before using it with Nabu Casa?

In my case, before using Nabucasa I set up Google Assistant integration by using the manual method: creating an app in the action console etc… Then I switched to Nabucasa.
Maybe the previously used Google Assistant integration stayed registered?

Just an idea :slight_smile:

I think that’s unlikely - in my case I’d never setup Google Assistant integration until enabling Nabu Casa.

Poking around, I think this is for a feature that is under development. GitHub - NabuCasa/home-assistant-google-assistant-local-sdk: Google Assistant Local SDK implementation for Home Assistant maybe?

Maybe I am not reading that page right, but it looks like it hasn’t been touched in years.