Nagging/Repeatable Alert Notification send to mobile and optional other actions

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I updated my blueprint to distinguish between an initial-delay and a subsequential delay. With regards to the bonus: Unfortunately, there seems to be an issue with regards to define expressions in the notify_message input as they are not resolved.

For example:

notify_message:  "Alert is triggered for entity: {{entity_name}}"

…is not resolved and thus the mobile notifications is displayed as: “Alert is triggered for entity:”

As long as that problem exists, I cannot add a dynamic expression such as alert_triggerd_since

I opened an issue:

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Nice blueprint!
Would it be possible to make the device notification optional? I’d like a message on my google home only, no message on my phone. With service calls I can do the google home part.

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Awesome blueprint! Will try to migrate few of my basic and hopefully advanced alerts and manual automations to this one.

As @CentralCommand already noted in his first post I see some disavantages (which are partly based on the general limitations of blueprints), mainly currently:

  1. Automation doesn´t survive HA restarts
  2. Very limited trigger condition. The need for creating template sensors basically kicks me back to the YAML and reload/HA reboot world which I was trying to leave cause that´s almost as annoying as the current official alert integration which lacks UI support.

I´ll give it a try but likely more for simple scenarios (“when door is open”) as more complex ones (“door A or window B or C or D is open after sunset and before xx o’clock”) seem to be a bit too much because of #2.