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Neat looking panels in HA



I’ve got ugly looking groups like this:

Home_Assistant messy

How do I make them look neat and tidy like this? Is this an panel? I can’t think of the right terminology for it so have had trouble Googling the right answer:



Judging from the top bar, I see you already have them set up in a group, however, you’ve converted this group to a view, in your config, you shouldn’t use view: yes, this makes sure that entries will get group together on the main page, instead of just moving them to a separate page.
More info: https://home-assistant.io/components/group/ and Groups and Views?

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This is a group in a view group.
Group all your entities in to a group.
Then add that group to a view group.

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Ah, thanks for the tip - just what I needed. So it is nesting groups into groups.

So this is my config for that snippet of my group.yaml

    view: yes
    name: "The Weather"
      - group.weather_overview
      - group.daily_forecast
    name: "Weather overview"
    #view: yes
      - sensor.pws_weather_1d_metric
      - sensor.pws_temp_high_record_c
      - sensor.pws_temp_high_1d_c
      - sensor.pws_temp_c
      - sensor.pws_temp_low_1d_c
      - sensor.pws_temp_low_record_c
      - sensor.pws_precip_1d
      - sensor.pws_precip_1d_mm
      - sensor.pws_wind_kph
      - sensor.pws_wind_1d_kph
      - sensor.pws_alerts
    name: "Daily Forecast"
    #view: yes
      - sensor.pws_weather_1d_metric
      - sensor.pws_weather_1n_metric
      - sensor.pws_weather_2d_metric
      - sensor.pws_weather_2n_metric
      - sensor.pws_weather_3d_metric
      - sensor.pws_weather_3n_metric
      - sensor.pws_weather_4d_metric
      - sensor.pws_weather_4n_metric

Which results in this:

Thanks again :grinning:

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Any thoughts on why my PWS sensor Friendly name is less friendly than this example shows? The friendly_name in the sensor from the <> menu shows these friendly names also…


friendly_name: PWS_weather is the default value.

If you want you can customize the entities with whatever name you like.


Thanks - but can’t customise the entity friendly_name with a formula as far as I can tell - weatherunderground friendly_name us pws_weather_1d etc - which is “today” i.e. could be Monday, Tuesday, etc - every other screenshot I see has actual day names - not sure how they get them…


For that, check out the following post:


An update broke the friendly names. Release 0.63.2 is supposed to fix this.


And so it has… thanks