Need a little help with a template please

Came across this as an example:

{{ (now()) - as_timestamp(state_attr('automation.open_the_garage_door_when_shazz_or_jeff_arrive_home', 'last_triggered')) > 60 }}

But I get the error of:

ValueError: Template error: as_timestamp got invalid input 'None' when rendering template '{{ (now()) - as_timestamp(state_attr('automation.open_the_garage_door_when_shazz_or_jeff_arrive_home', 'last_triggered')) > 60 }}' but no default was specified

I assume there has been an update in how templating works, as a novice, anyone have a suggestion on how to rewrite this please?

Do you have A automation called?


If you do, has this been triggered, & what is the last triggered timestamp?

suggests that it can’t calculate it.

I would suggest you post more details.

Yes I do, however this is a condition in the automation, that has not run yes as the condition fails.

Let me try removing it and try again.

NB: Pixilating for the privacy of my family.

this is your clue.

you should specify a default :wink:

check the thread on that, it has been a while.

btw, if this has never been triggered, add this t the template for a first run:

        {{now() - this.attributes.last_triggered > timedelta(hours=delay) if
          this.attributes.last_triggered is not none else true}}

also, note the this.attributes.last_triggered which you can use to reference the automation itself, without explicitly naming it

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Ok… I disabled it (the template condition), ran the automation and re-enabled it. Seems to be working now.

If you go to Developer tools > Services > Automation: Trigger

Select “Skip conditions”

You can execute the automation.
For future reference.