Need help fixing my Yaml

So i need assistance with my yaml code for my dashboard its meant to show the entity image and the battery percentage on the top i dont know why it isnt working yaml is not my go to and i cant seem to find any code to assist can someone please help the

entity image is coming up as the default green person
Battery position isnt in the right place
Location works and so does the battery percent of the phone in question

Using HA on a local server and the entity image shows when using the person card

i have put xxx in instead of my device and entity names

type: custom:button-card
name: xxx
show_icon: true
- height: 40px
- width: 40px
- border-radius: 50%
show_name: true
battery: |
return states[‘sensor.xxx_battery_level’].state + ‘%’;
- style:
font-size: 16px
color: black
position: absolute
right: 5px
bottom: 5px