Need help with a example with temp in notification

When I see you message on my pc , its format is not the same , I think its the copy paste does not work here in this site and that is why i sent you a screen shot . ( The single quote is different )

Let me see if I can mail or link to text file , check back in few minutes

the single quote you sent is not the same as the one I sent to you .
copy both lines to your notepad and you will see difference between ( ‘ ) and this ( ’ )

  message: OFC Room temperature "{{states('sensor.a4c138a5e5be_temperature')}}"
  Message: the current temp is “{{states(‘sensor.5_altanen_inne_temperature’)}}”

I have copy both lines and I get this message and checked the se the thet they differs,I get this message Message malformed: template value should be a string for dictionary value @ data[‘action’][0][‘data’]

show me a copy of the line you added now

Message: the current temp is “{{states(‘sensor.5_altanen_inne_temperature’)}}”

Click on the button on the top right and switch to yaml mode, copy everything and paste it here between three back tics (`) or use the forum button </>.
If it’s not formatted then don’t bother to post it, fix it before you post.

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You are a lifesaver

aMOB65 , use this

  Message: the current temp is “{{states('sensor.5_altanen_inne_temperature')}}”

Sorry, does not work.
I get this now Message malformed: extra keys not allowed @ data[‘action’][0][‘action’]

Its okay we can fix it , show me a copy of the line you added now

found the issue , use this now

Message: the current temp is  "{{states('sensor.a4c138a5e5be_temperature')}}"

With all due respect Aldiy it’s far better if OP follows the guidelines of the forum and just post what he has.
Yaml is case sensitive and space sensitive and not the kind of “one line” questions or answers.
If we can’t see the whole picture it’s not worth anything.

You are trying to help ? just post the code since you know how and spare us the lectures

If OP posts the code formatted correctly as the guidelines say then yes I will help. But blindly helping someone who doesn’t bother with the most basic parts of a question.
No. It doesn’t do much good.

We are 16 posts in a topic that should have been resolved far earlier of the question had been posted as it should have been.

Please I am trying to help him fix his issue , your interference only confuse him further , please go help someone else

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Again to aMOB65 , this should work , i tested it just now

Message: the current temp is  "{{states('sensor.a4c138a5e5be_temperature')}}"

I have to go to sleep now

If it’s confusing to follow the guidelines of this forum then perhaps the both of you should find another forum?

This kind of noise is not helping anyone, especially not those that find this thread in the future

that is it , may I know who are you ?

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Whatever you say.
FYI your post has been flagged

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Hi to you both , It is really best if we forget this matter and close this post . People are having enough hard time in real life that it is not really worth it arguing about two characters typographical error .

I wish you and your loved ones a better year then this one ,please stay safe