Need help with PIR

So, i’ve done a custom job on these little PIRs. and they are working so well. I have 2 different sizes and one is much bigger then the other.

The big ones I have finished and am currently using and I must say, I get 0 false positives when even using them outside so im very impressed with how they turned out. Now I have some smaller ones I want to use but im having trouble finding something that can actually fit inside the PIR.

They are 12v pirs, so they require voltage regulation of some kind to run the ESP as you can see in the one pic for the ones i’ve completed.

I’ve fiddled for so long, and just cant find a method that I can make things fit, easy to flash etc.

Any ideas on what would be good to use for this case?

Ideas much appreciated.


They look great, bit it’s not that clear on what you need help with to me.

I guess you need smaller components?

Consider clarifying to get more bites;)

Yea exactly, the smaller components, and in this case, the ESP01.

I must say, I hate this thing. Out of all the ESPs I’ve worked with, its not fun to play with.

There is so much misinformation out there on this module, I don’t actually know how to power it after like 2 days of searching.

What pins need to be HIGH? What pins need to be LOW? I’ve got it booting with just GPIO2 pulled HIGH, however I get all sorts of errors in ESP Home saying incorrect encryption key blah blah blah, then as soon as I connect my PIR to GPIO0, everything just breaks and it doesn’t boot anymore.

I’ve just not used the ESP01 much, and its a great little board, great size and great power consumption so I would love to get my head around it.

If I go plug it back into the USB programming and set it to UART mode, it connect to ESPhome just fine!

What in earth am I doing wrong haha.


Dude, I told you this in the FB group. Post pictures, post yaml, post a link to where you bought it. Posting useless information is just that, it’s useless. “Evetything breaks” wtf fors that even mean? Posting yout wiring and the logs are 100x more useful than typing paragraphs of nonsense…

Saying your using an esp01 is useless too. I doubt your using an esp01 but you might be using an esp01 development board but which one? No one knows because you decided it wasn’t important. Facts, details, pictures, this is what you need to post and not long winded stories.

The tables in this source are the typical go to for pins to use and pin behaviour.


Im using this guy here. Nothing works.

So question, something like this

TX - debug output at boot, boot fails if pulled LOW

If I dont connect anything to this PIN, i’m not pulling it low? Will it boot or do I need to pull it HIGH?

It should be pulled high by the board already, thats what “High at boot” means. The problem is when You pull it low, then you’ll have issues. A PIR is HIGH and when motion is detected the signal goes LOW. If you connect a PIR to GPIO0 then it will cause problems because the PIR holds it HIGH. GPIO0 needs to be HIGH at boot but in order to boot it needs to go back low but it cant because the PIR is holding it HIGH. The esp01 is only good for certain situations and the wifi on them suck. Personally, I use the D1 mini for 95% of the stuff i make. It’s not much bigger than the esp01, it’s got i think 10 usable pins(that arent an inconvenience to use) and the wifi is pretty good and it’s half the size of a NodeMCU style board.

Thanks but this is literally the only board that will fit in here.

What about a RX and TX gpio, 1 or 3?

Thanks again

What does the pin reference say about them?

There are others.

Maybe these.

There are quite a few ESP boards smaller than the 01S, check out these:




They do need some soldering for the initial load.

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