Need help with Spotify continue playlist on soundbar when I get home

Is there a way to continue playing what I had already been listening to in my car, when I get home? I have a Bose soundbar (soundtouch) in my living room. I made an automation earlier today that triggers when my phone is recognized as home, and motion is detected in the room but it’s not working as expected.

What I want to do:

  • continue whatever I was listening to in my car until something else happens (movie or show on the TV)
  • at a volume that won’t upset my neighbors

What happens:

  • Spotify starts playing on the soundbar when I get home, but not what was playing in the car. When I’m home and listening to music I use the windows app and it seems to be getting the playlist from there, rather than my android
  • I don’t want the music to be moved to the Bose until I’m actually in the house, sometimes I linger in the garage although when I’m in there my phone’s state is home
  • If I stop Spotify or the current album ends, it randomly starts again from the beginning of my current windows playlist

What can I use rather than the motion sensor in the automation? I’m sure that’s what’s causing the random starts. But I don’t want the music to start on the Bose until I’m actually in the house.

i had a similar use case and solved it via triggering a script with an NFC tag:

my script does not contain setting a volume, but you can easily adjust my script by adding that attribute, which would look like this:

alias: Continue Music
- service: media_player.volume_set
entity_id: media_player.spotify
volume_level: ‘0.4’
- service: media_player.select_source
entity_id: media_player.spotify

maybe that helps?