Need some help with my automation

Sorry, but I’m not. The time trigger no longer accepts parameters minutes & seconds. It only accepts at. He needs to change time to time_pattern.

I don’t see where that matters. Either should work.

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I am using ‘/10’ right now and works perfectly.
Maybe sort your setup out L:)


I don’t see where that matters. Either should work.

Well maybe you need to R.T.F.M too then

see here:

for this

sorry, just been watching a serious documentary on TV
just needed to burst out and have some fun L:)

Think I will just check that ‘/10’ time pattern - I may not be using that automation any more as I do not have the hue bulbs - oops - you may be right !!?

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Ninjadog, this is only the second time I’ve seen you post and that makes 2 out of 2 where you have insulted a valued member. BUT this time a Great Contributer too. @finity being the first.
Please try to consider the feelings of the OP. Who is just starting out and is learning.
We ALL start somewhere and we progress at our own rates.

I see you joined a couple of months ago and have read a whole 19hrs

Dial it back a bit and be more considerate

P. S. Phil is a great contributor because he wrote code in HA (a few core integrations) - and often takes the time to politely help others.

This is my first post (and problebly the last one), but I’m verry happy with both of the reply’s.
I still have a lot to learn.

So that’s also not good . Also my English is not good so it takes some time before i reply :slight_smile:

But again thanks for the reply’s. I wil study the links you posted.

Jovink, I’m sorry about this thread, people are not all as rude as ninjadog.
Phil is a good guy and a great help to many here

Welcome to the community


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@Mutt , you need to get out more mate , and bit of a stalker too , monitoring and measuring me - wow that’s worrying .

I used to know a guy at work who spent hours and hours and days and months , on forums posting comments about other people’s posts. He didnt really make much contribution other than to seek to educate on how others should “behave”. He was rather weak physically although mentally he was quite “bright” - but as most of these anorak types , he did possess a social bypass system. He was banged up at HMP for stalking a woman. But here;s the funny bit - and I’m all for fun - his name , was Murtley … so close … hahaha

Go for some fresh air mate , it might help you cool off , calm down - COVID19 is too much of a pressure at the moment

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If you want to insult me you’re gonna have to do a lot better than that.


I never set out to insult anyone , although your handle does make me laugh - only as it reminds me of the dumb dog on Wacky Races, which I loved as a kid, and the laugh , I bet you dont do that too often , but it would certainly make me smile again :slight_smile:

I actually am wrong there - I think Mutley was the more brainy, cunning and astute one , over Dick Dastardly, if only cartoons were the same as life eh mate - :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

@Jovink, do not give up. Ignore me, I’m just being a bit wild tonight having watched a rather sad yet true 2 hour documentary on TV about a hospice here in the UK.
Your English is far superior to my [well whatever you speak, Nordic maybe].

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Mutt == Muttley
That’s what it’s supposed to remind you of, dumbass

That and we train assistance dogs, so - mutt

Being a happy drunk is fine - being an insulting piss-head is not

(I’m not the one who needs to calm down)


Edit: Nordic ??? Do you make up language names of a evening ?
I see why ‘insulting people’ is a light relief

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I think you have outdone yourself there mate, Nordic, my mom is from Norway - it’s a true and in-use term
shhhh (google is your friend today - not that you have many)
And my mutt was a joke on you - dumbass - hahahah you couldn’t be more ignorant if you were born this morning.
hahahah - LMAO
Going to zzzz now, with a big :slight_smile:
So funny

Ok. Could you post that automation? And what version of HA are you using?

Although I can’t admit to understanding 100% of the HA code, I have worked on the automation code, so I’m pretty familiar with it. I know that in the current version (and for a while now), the time trigger does not accept hours, minutes or seconds for parameters, it only accepts at. To use the others you must use the time_pattern trigger platform.

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seconds: 00

is different from

seconds: '00'

The former is a number, the latter is a string. They are handled differently. The OP used the first form, and the note to which you refer regards the second form. Even so, I’m not sure that warning is valid, although I haven’t completely verified it either way.

Please see this post. It explains it pretty well (with many other suggestions for requesting help on this forum.) Skip ahead to item #11 which explains how to format code, logs, etc. in forum posts.

Why the last? Hopefully because you have everything working and you no longer require help! :smiley: But if you need help, please, by all means, ask.

Based on your behavior in that other thread you must watch a lot of those documentaries. :roll_eyes:

I think I’d cut down on them if I were you. :grinning:

Sorry for the late replay.
I’m from the Netherlands so “luchtvochtigheid berekenen” is Dutch :slight_smile:

But back on topic.
I now use the latest version of Home Assistant with Hassio as Docker-image on a synology.

The code calculate the average humidity of my bathroom sensor. I don’t have made it my self.
In Fact i can’t code at all.

I will change the time trigger.

One last question

alias: Luchtvochtigheid berekenen

It is the first line of my automation.yaml. Does it need a - before alias?

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Without going into the details, yes, the first line of every automation definition should start with a dash. It doesn’t matter which parameter of the automation gets the dash, but it must be the first of the lines that define an individual automation. So it could be:

- alias: abc

or it could be:

- trigger:
  alias: abc

Either is fine, as long as the first line of the individual automation definition starts with the dash.

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Thank you will try this.