NEO Z Wave Siren Alarm Sensor HA config

Does anyone happen to have any working scripts for the NEO Z Wave Siren Alarm Sensor. I would like it to play one sound for the doorbell, a siren for alarm if door or window sensors are tripped during time window, and a “beep beep” when doors are opened/closed. Is this possible?



Were you able to get neo z wave connected to home assistant?

@brubakerjeff and @bg32940,
I used the format provided by @Soul and mine now works
Send the data, wait for it to clear the network (1 second seems to work) Then fire the switch
See post : -

Hope This Helps

I’m just going through with tinkerer, what the " size: " parameter means though.
So I may update this thread if we find anything useful

I was able to get the device to connect correctly as well. I needed to repeat the z wave pairing process a few times to learn the timeouts, when to do resets to clear caches, and understand the entity / device hierarchy model

Yeah, they seem to enjoy making the use of the device arcane with the instructions deliberately vague or esoteric.
I have scripts for the various music indexes, I’ll do the same for volumes.
Once that’s done, I’m not sure of the purpose of the other settings as you can use it as a doorbell from alarm and visa-versa. I’m controlling duration so the distiction is moot.