Nest Hot Water Boost

Or better still Nest finally delivers the API for hot water control, any news on it?

I think the answer here for me anyway, is to install a reflashed Sonoff in the water call for heat circuit and just bypass the Nest altogether. I’ll be ok for now with scheduled heating from Nest but when solar comes on stream next year I’m going to need a temperature triggered solution @mtannerauo 's solution worked great while it lasted and many thanks for your work on that Michael. Very disappointing that Nest can’t or won’t deliver this. I would not recommend it. I use an ESP8266/MQTT based sensor to pick up the temperatures on my tank.

Finally got round to implementing this using this relay module (HW-655) based on the ESP-01 and available on ebay for a few euros. So far it is working fine. If anyone is interested, I can give more details but be careful working on mains voltage.

love the new nest integration in Home assistant however it is still missing the hot water boost feature for the UK.

it seems to be possible and implimented here as hotWaterDurationMinutes:

There must be a way to get it working in Home assistant, its the last thing in my home that isnt properly integrated at the moment :frowning:


Hi, this feature is not exposed through the Nest SDM API as far as I know.

Homebridge uses an unofficial / unsupported API to access additional features, which are not usable from home assistant. If this gets added to he official API I’m happy to add support.


Hi! Just one more person here asking for hot water boost to be added. I think waiting for official support is probably pointless. Would really appreciate the feature to complete the integration for my setup.

Thanks for the great work on the new integration wrt credentials etc. btw. Very good documentation!

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It isn’t available in the official nest API so we can’t use it in the home assistant integration. Maybe home bridge has support for it?

Thanks for the nice words, much appreciated.


i have created a ‘ticket’ for Nest guys (interestingly their ‘API support’ seems to be stackoverflow):

You may extend the question/try to nag them too.

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Hope to have this feature (Water Boost) soon.

if you have HACS, try GitHub - badguy99/badnest

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This unofficial API class has hot water boost, if anyone can integrate it into HA?

FYI: badguy99 just pulled in my changes, that add target temp setting and a current water temperature sensor to the features. Currently the feature is active only if opentherm is used as the interface between Heat Link and your boiler.

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Just interested if this works with the “official” Nest integration? I want to control the hot water with this while leaving all the other Nest devices I have on the official integration.

Here’s a walk-through on how to integrate Nest hot-water boost and scheduling into Home Assistant