Nest hot water control

In the UK/Europe the Nest 3rd generation supports an on/off function for hot water. I have made a pull request to python-nest to expose some more of the properties for this functionality and am looking into sending commands to it using them (I think you can, but just needs a little more testing).

Meanwhile I was wondering how this could be set up within Home Assistant (at least to start with just to report the status) - should it be part of the current Nest climate component (using a check for has_hot_water_control), or should there be a new Nest climate hot-water component, considering it would essentially have it’s own ON/OFF state? (I’m still getting my head around the source code!).

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Hi there, I have been werking on the nest api (python-nest library for actually adding the checks).

I was wondering about adding the checks for hot water control and adding hot water control myself. I guess for tuening it on or off we could just use a button (which is basically what it is).

If you want to add a custom more-info screen to display temp / usage / setting temp. Than a new component (class) would be required

TLDR Check the nest platform code and add a button component for the hot water state (unless you want to create a custom more-info screen)

Great! In the UK the temperature stuff is not useable - it’s literally used as just an on/off timed switch.

Having played a little, it looks like setting the boost off time also turns it on until that time.

Hey, I’m interested in this functionality too. Just wondering is, or will this be integrated into home assistant? I just installed a Nest here in the UK and don’t see the hot water control/status being tracked by HA yet (0.33.4).

Would be great to get this working.

I’m also interested in this. I just installed the Nest generation 3 which has the hot water control. Of course it is just a timer control and has no temperature info. However, it would be easy to set up an esp8266 / mqtt temperature sensor to provide that input for any automation required. So the main thing needed is the on / off control for a definable time period, e.g. on for 30 mins. I mainly use solar for hot water heating but I need to boost it occasionally depending on the water temperature in the storage tank and whether anyone is home etc. Unfortunately I don’t have the programming skills to progress this myself but I would be very interested to know if any progress has been made with it.

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Hi guys was anything further ever done with the hot water integration?

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Hi, there is a php based solution. Check out this post by mtannerauo