Nest integration no longer possible?

I’d like to integrate my Nest thermostat into HA but unfortunately the Nest Developer site is no longer working. Registration was no problem but afterwards it won’t show me the products on the site following this instruction:

Is there any way around this?

Google has decided to close the Nest API.
The only way aound this it to return the product and buy something more open. If Google loses enough market share they could change their mind.

Yep, it’s Nest-mageddon. The component just broke for me this afternoon.


It seems now every company is trying to lock you into their walled garden.

Despite them meaning to grant new accounts until 31st August, all I’ve had is this for days:

403 Forbidden


This happen today:

I just added three nest protects to my setup and Google just forced me to switch to a Google Account. Does anyone know of a way to switch back?

Unfortunately it’s not possible, I’m not sure you can even register the normal way, that would probably be the only way to get back in without Google OAuth, but this would require you setting up a whole new home and re adding all your devices. Once a home has been converted every user has to be google OAuth.

Ugh… :frowning_face:

That is what I figured… well I guess I won’t have any of my nest devices in HA until Google smartens up. Which might be… never… :frowning:

Your existing nest integrations should still work, it only changed how you sign into your clients. Your developer account should be separate.

I just got a Nest Protect, AND set up my first HA installation, only to find the two won’t work with each other. Bah. (Everything else does though, so I’m very happy with HA!)

But I haven’t seen any way to interact with the Nest Protect, official or not, with the sole exception of the Nest app. Neither Google Home nor Google Assistant are seeing it. Their own walled garden is botched. If I can find an unofficial API anywhere, I’ll let everyone know. :man_shrugging:

I set up my first HA and was like Alice in Wonderland about two months ago. Even back then, Nest’s Developer program was closed already. It sucks pretty much because i have two 3rd Gen Thermostats and five Protects. (and no interest whatsoever to migrate to Google account)

At this moment i just hope for somebody who is capable enought to make an integration.

I’m setting up a clean install and I’m finding that NEST API is no longer available. NICE :unamused: ! I’ll keep mine for now, but the only thing I really want is the ability to detect when the house is empty and to set the system to ECO mode.

Needless to say, I will NEVER buy another GOOGLE product. They truly are evil now. Between this and harvesting personal data from the browser I’ve had enough…

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This guy has an “alpha” version, following him hoping to test on my HA soon: I made a crappy Nest Thermostat integration that will work as a stopgap until alternatives come out

someone has managed a google nest integration for home bridge.

could similar techniques be used to get something hacked together for Home Assistant ?

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I have Nest working without the Works With Nest old integration. Do you have HACS installed? It’s called Bad Nest but nothing bad about it. See here:

I am also curious about this… below are the steps to integrate nest using your google account, can this be done in HomeAssistant?

Using a Google Account

Google Accounts (mandatory for new Nest devices after August 2019, with an optional migration for earlier accounts) are now supported. Setting up a Google Account with homebridge-nest is a pain, but only needs to be done once, as long as you don’t log out of your Google Account.

Google Accounts are configured using the "googleAuth" object in config.json , which contains three fields, "issueToken" , "cookies" and "apiKey" , and looks like this:

      "platform": "Nest",
      "googleAuth": {
        "issueToken": "",
        "cookies": "OCAK=TOMPYI3cCPAt...; SID=ogftnk...; HSID=ApXSR...; ...; SIDCC=AN0-TYt...",
        "apiKey": "AIzaS..."

The values of "issueToken" , "cookies" and "apiKey" are specific to your Google Account. To get them, follow these steps (only needs to be done once, as long as you stay logged into your Google Account).

  1. Open a Chrome browser tab in Incognito Mode (or clear your cache).
  2. Open Developer Tools (View/Developer/Developer Tools).
  3. Click on ‘Network’ tab. Make sure ‘Preserve Log’ is checked.
  4. In the ‘Filter’ box, enter issueToken
  5. Go to , and click ‘Sign in with Google’. Log into your account.
  6. One network call (beginning with iframerpc ) will appear in the Dev Tools window. Click on it.
  7. In the Headers tab, under General, copy the entire Request URL (beginning with , ending with ). This is your "issueToken" in config.json .
  8. In the ‘Filter’ box, enter oauth2/iframe
  9. Several network calls will appear in the Dev Tools window. Click on the last iframe call.
  10. In the Headers tab, under Request Headers, copy the entire cookie ( include the whole string which is several lines long and has many field/value pairs - do not include the cookie: name). This is your "cookies" in config.json .
  11. In the ‘Filter’ box, enter issue_jwt
  12. Click on the last issue_jwt call.
  13. In the Headers tab, under Request Headers, copy the entire x-goog-api-key (do not include the x-goog-api-key: name). This is your "apiKey" in config.json .
  14. Do not log out of , as this will invalidate your credentials. Just close the browser tab.

Looks like they are rolling out official support finally!

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I also got the email notifying me that individual and commercial access has been launched. Created my first empty project just to see what traits are available via API…
Glad to see there’s exposure of doorbell, motion, hvac traits, and more. A little disappointed I don’t see any Protect smoke/CO traits in there. Also not clear if the sdm.devices.traits.Temperature trait will be available for Nest Sensors or just the main thermostat. Very anxious to kick the tires…

Funny enough just an hour or two before I received the email I had finally given up on this ever being delivered by Google and had just ordered an ESP32 and voltage divider to get my own “fan running” signal from the furnace. [face palm]