Netatmo poll/refresh time is currently 10 minutes, ideally should be ~5 minutes

in the next release the polling frequency will scale dynamically to make the most out of the possible request. This should be a big improvement especially for those who use a dev account. Dynamically adjust Netatmo polling frequency by cgtobi · Pull Request #106742 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

Thanks a lot. I have a quick question before I start working on another PR for this:

Would it still additionally make sense to integrate the new /homestatus API (updates every 10 seconds instead of 10 minutes) for faster updates of weather data as mentioned above by @richardvinger ?

Hello and thanks for your great work with the Netatmo integration! I’m a Bticino gateway user with 60+ devices, 11 of them are power switches with energy monitor. I’m currently very frustrated by the limitation of the API as I can’t really use the energy monitor reliably.

I’ve looked everywhere on the netatmo’s dev forums and I found this article:

The post, by Netatmo dev, states that if there’s a single user in an app the limit is 2000 per hour and not 500.
Would it be possible to upscale further the polling rate with dev accounts?
Thanks in advance!


Yes, this is in the works.


And what do you think about leveraging that “new” /homestatus API mentioned further above?

/homestatus is already used

Sorry, I missed that it is now used by pyatmo in general, but I don’t see it being used to update weather entities. Or am I missing something?

But I guess any improvements regarding this should be made to pyatmo and not the Home Assistant integration as that just relies on the library to do the right thing, correct?

I stand corrected. I traced the usage of both API endpoints and figured out that both of them are actually used by pyatmo to update the Netatmo Module entities. There is even a function called normalize_weather_attributes to translate the returned values from the format of /getstationsdata to the format of /homestatus which is used internally. Thanks a lot @cgtobi!

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Hello, is there a way to manually edit the config file to force the 2000 polls before the update? I really need to overcome this limitation or my energy meters will not work well…