Nevermind everyone :D Sorry for wasting your time...It was easier than I thought

Nevermind everyone :smiley: Sorry for wasting your time…It was easier than I thought.

There are no pros …

You can’t run HA “in Portainer”.

well in docker using portainer

This has nothing to do with Portainer. Portainer is just makes it “easier” for you to display/manage your docker containers with a GUI, nothing more - you do not need it.

Your question is supervised instlall on raspbian vs Home Assistant OS - I think there are enough posts dealing with that question out there already

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My question is docker in ha or haha in docker.

If you want to use your own docker containers (except for those available through the add-on store) then you should use a supervised install.

“Docker in HA” makes no sense. Either you run Home Assistant Core in docker directly, or you use Home Assistantan OS where Home Assistant will also run in docker. You cannot “run docker in HA”.

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I think you need a better understand of HA and how it can be installed. Read this excellent guide on HA installation methods.

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I meant to install docker on Home Assistant OS, I was typing on my phone.
Yesterday I switched to having HA in a Portainer. Should I restore my snapshot from HASSOS and install the portainer addon from that?

You cannot install docker on Home Assistant OS since it is already installed. What do you want to do anyway? It’s unclear to me what (or why) you are trying to achieve. Make sure to check out kanga_who’s post since it seems you need some more understanding of the subject before you can/should make a decision.

For a beginner, I obviously would recommend using Home Assistant OS anyway. You can even select an old snapshot while installing. It is probably more stable (you can break less), but at the same time it might not be as flexible for an advanced user (of linux).

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