New Add-On: Cloudflared

I did setup and I am able to access my server using mobile data, but from home wifi, i get “reconnecting”. I dont know what i missed but i cant seem to connect to it from home wifi unless i use the local ipaddress directly. any help with this?

The setup of the cloudflared addon was flawless. Very well made. i had a public FQDN setup for my HA instance in no time. Even iOS Home works.

I have no luck with Alexa. SHe cant access entties (Alexa, turn living room on). Not working at all. Can someone give me a hint howw to trace this down?

You can generate an Origin Server Certificate and use those certificates in your configuration.

Once you restart, you would need to use https://homeassistant:8123 or your IP. to access Home Assistant Locally.

Now when you try to access you instance from the web. It should fail, saying unable to reach Origin. To fix this, you will need to change the Tunnel


This would initially be http://. Change this to https:// and then it should work.

This should ensure that data is encrypted between your RPi and Cloudflare.

Edit: Also change the SSL Encryption Mode to Full (Strict)