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New climate / thermostat implementation tips


Thanks prier…works fine again after that fix :wink:


Web interface version: 1.1
Firmware version: IC3-ICN-V1.12
Build date: Mar 16 2016 00:08:00


I’m just back from vacation, I’m looking into this when I’m updating my installation from 87 to 89 within 2 weeks. I’ll keep you posted here: https://github.com/royduin/home-assistant-incomfort/issues/3


It looks like they’ve changed something or pushed an update, I’m experiencing the same issue now but more frequently:

Where did you find the restart in the docs @bvduijv? Maybe we should contact them and ask about it.


I’d love to see a template-based climate component. I’ve hacked one together using MQTT to pass states back and forth between the climate component, sensors, and scripts, but it would be nice if I could just use ‘{{ states(“sensor.livingroom_temperature”) }}’ and get the state directly.


In Dutch…

It actually says it will reboot after 1 hour without connection… Connection to the heater?


Thanks! I think that’s the connection to the heater indeed. When I found myself some time I’m going to investigate this.



Just wondering, i’m trying to add my incomfort gateway as well, however i need to login to the gateway before i can see anything.

how can i add a login request to get the information i need? this does show me settings… but i need to login.


Hi @furian88, please read and follow this: https://github.com/royduin/home-assistant-incomfort/issues/6