New component which needs discovery, which example should i look at?

@donnib will the integration do push notifications? So the remotes will give instant events.

@Robban Yes, i made the first version of the component that supports Hue Motion Sensor, IKEA bulb (E14) and the 4 button remote. All work in HASS using Websockets. The remote gives instant response to HASS when you click on it using HASS events like @danielperna84 suggested albeit the code is VERY ugly and rough it works for the moment.

I like what I hear :+1:

Do you run deconz headless?

As soon as you get closer to release I will buy myself a conbee!

Well i don’t have a monitor connected to the rPi, it still run the ui app but i don’t use it. I just use the REST API and the Websocket to control and listen to events. I don’t know if i ever release the code as i am not sure it can reach prime time. There is a lot of work to make it nice i think. I am not even sure i will end up using it myself. I am a bit disappointed how zigbee devices work and the way the big companies implement it so if you want to make sure everything plays nice you have to use their own gateway sooooo… but then again none of the major companies, Osram, IKEA or Philips deliver a Websocket solution so polling is just plain stupid but i guess they are not quite interested their devices integrated with other things well.

I think Ikea Trådfri is actually pushing data, but I’d still prefer the internal hub.

If you’re not gonna finish the component, will you share it so someone else can pick it up and have a look and a try at getting it upstream? As I mentioned earlier, I am interested in getting this supported officially.

@Robban ok i didn’t know that.

Sure we will figure something out. I have not given up yet. I am implementing support for groups as we speak and expect to have it running during today.

Hi @donnib it would be great if you would share your component with us.
I’ve got the exact same idea / problem. My xiaomi motion sensors -> Deconz-> HA.
Polling them every x seconds does work but I don’t like it.
As a workaround I have created a node-red workflow. It listens on websocket events and sends those events trough MQTT to HA.

Your solution seems better to me, as it doesn’t needs node-red.

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Hi @donnib

I’ve ordered a conbee now and was thinking about writing a component, beginning with support for a couple of remotes to get stuff going. How is it going for you?


@Robban Mine is what you can find above. I have not done anything more on it because deConz has been to unstable for me e.g not much use so i will continue when/if i solve the issues with my network until then there is not much motivation from my side especially because the custom module i wrote albeit being ugly it works for me and the unstableness is in the deConz. I have many ideas what i need to improve or how to refactor/rewrite the module but as i said i don’t have much motivation for this.

What is unstable about deconz?

well there many things i guess, for me specific is that i can’t use my light at all, sometimes they work which is rare and most of the times i can’t control them so…not much i can do. Manuel is trying to help and i am trying to provide information so we hopefully can nail it down. We are active discussing this here : but there are other reports of issues like this or lights that disappear or freeze. Some could be deConz related and some might be because the manufacturers have implemented zigbee differently and only they know how to have a stable usage of the lights with their own gateway. It’s hard to tell.

That being said i am running beta because that is the only version with IKEA support so i am running on the edge but that is only way i have a chance of getting support for my IKEA lights which i have over 50 of.

That does indeed sound really tiresome…

What lights are you using? I’m mainly planning on using Philips hue and Ikea

I have 56 nodes where 3 are Philips (2 Philips dim switches and 1 motion sensor), 1 Osram gardenpole and the rest are IKEA lights/remotes. The majority are IKEA GU10 spots with a portion of E27 and few E14 lights.

Ok, so is it the Ikea support mainly that isn’t up to par yet?

I can’t say, Manuel is doing a major effort to try solving the problem but so far i have not got a system that can run a week without major problems actually not even a day at the moment. As i said it’s still BETA so i guess i could just stop using it and wait but i can’t :smiley: and for that i pay the price especially from my wife which is constantly complaining because nothing works.

Maybe the problems are a mixture of different lights manufacturers. idk really.

Can you sneakily restart deconz every night? :wink:

Btw, I’ve put up a new PR for axis component that works without gstreamer which should simplify for you if you still use it

Yeah i could but i am not sure it would solve the problem :smiley: anyway i suggest to keep an eye on the issues on the Github repo to get an idea what’s the status. Things change from day to day to the issues are the best documentation you can have at the moment.

Cool i still use it however i gave up on one of the old AXIS cameras so maybe i should try again. Thank’s for the heads-up.

I sure will, in a week or two when I got my stick and have a lamp or so to get going.

Maybe it is a good thing that I want to start with remotes then, are they stable in behaviour?

I’d be happy if you’d try it out before it reaches release :wink:

@donnib I’m gonna take some inspiration from your code, hope thats ok? Also talking to another Swedish guy who as an embryo up and running.

I’m gonna try to get something up on github within a few weeks.