New forum for Documentation Requests

Create a new forum section to allow users to report errors or important details which are missing from the documentation on the Home Assistant website.

I’m new to HA having been using it a few weeks and I’ve encountered some issues where the documentation is missing important details which you can only resolve by searching through the forums, where you find others have encountered exactly the same problem, many times over in some cases but this hasn’t been fed back into improving or correcting the documentation.

You could say, well edit the documentation or request through Github but as a new user I’m not competent to do that and the solution I suggest may not be correct or fit with the development framework, but I can identify the problem and report it to allow those knowledgeable about the software to review and update as necessary.

As an example:

Document Title: RESTful sensor

Problem: There’s no reference to how you can configure the polling interval for the API and no information on what the default polling interval is. This is very important when using external APIs which may have usage limits or when polling APIs where network data is a consideration. It appears that the default is 30 seconds and you can adjust this using ‘scan_interval’, it would be useful if this topic was covered in the documentation.

I’ve also found I have questions over the information provided in the documentation.
Even though I am capable and willing to create a PR, I want to confirm that there is information missing, or that requires clarification.

Perhaps that’s through raising an Issue over in the GitHub repo, or perhaps a forum tag might allow eyes over the question.

There’s a discord channel for that.