New guy - with a KNX backbone system


Lol. So its not enough to include the stuff from the hassio documentation. Right now I feel: “I will never learn this”, but maybe someday :slight_smile:

Challenge: For somebody to make KNX autodiscoverable!


It is optional the config file… You could also add everything directly in your own config files like this:

  • platform: knx
    name: Kitchen-Light-1
    address: ‘1/0/9’
    brightness_address: ‘1/0/11’

But personally I find it easier to have one file with all of my knx devices.


@JensVanhooydonck Any news on your config? I’m busy with installing the knx system, but it would be nice to have a demo config to start from. There is not much info available on how to do this in total and I’m a little short on time to tinger with it.
As a start I would like to test one switch with push on/off with one button. I saw the xknx demo that has a counter of 2 to turn it of, but that is not what I want :grin:. Any help would be awesome. (I’m dutch speaking by the way)


Hi Massamino,
My config is stil not ready (my installation would not be completed before Jan 2019). But i can try and help you out?
I’m pretty busy atm, can try to put a basic setup online by the end of the week?
I’m Dutch speaking as well.


Tnx. No problem if you are to busy. I still have to create my ets setup as well. Normally I’ll have some basic material tomorrow and I can prepare a temp setup to program.


Hi guys I am mangaing my KNX house fully with HA i haven’t read the full thread maxbe i can help you
but i would need a TLDR version :smiley:

I use HA as the brain (blind management presence & automations ) my KNX is only there in cas HA should fail the house should still work.


Hi, to make you a short description of the thread, it would be nice to have a sample config.
I would use a switch that with one press goes on and a second one to switch it back of on my switches.
How do I define that in HA? I saw it with a binary switch, but it has on counter:2 to turn something else on or off. I looked on the xknx site for some samples, but they are really basic.


So how I did is define a KNX light or a switch in HA

In short what you need is the Group Address of the switch an it’s state

  - platform: knx
    name: Prise Devant
    address: '1/5/0'
    state_address: '1/5/1'


  - platform: knx
    name: "spots Millieux"
    address: '2/2/0'
    brightness_address: '2/2/2'
    state_address: '2/2/3'
    brightness_state_address: '2/2/4' 

  - platform: knx
    name: Lum ext avant
    address: '1/1/0'   
    state_address: '1/1/1'

This will create an Entity that will show the current state of the light/switch as well the possibillity to switch it on or off

You can then add that entity to your view

Is that what you needed ?

If you want the full conif have a look here :


Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for the information. I’ll check out the github config.