New installation on small PC


My SD card on my Raspbery PI failed again and I have to rebuild my HA. This is not the first time. I have a small PC that I can use, but I cannot find a guide on how to install HA on this device. Can someone help? I checked Debian installation, but it says that it is not supported and I will have to deal with updates.

What can I do? I want to install Hass IO on this small PC and use the SSD harddrive that I have with this PC. What is the best way to install it? Any suggestions?

If you don’t want to use debian, try the intel nuc hassio image. It might work (then again, it might not)
HA supervised runs fine on debian, it is supported (see ADR-0014) , but you do have to do the OS upgrades yourself. At least once in a month running

sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y

is not so much work after all.