New Integration: Grünbeck softliQ

Hi SLeopold,
help would be appreciated. can you share this application? can this be upgraded to an integration or hacs integration somehow?
Merry Christmas and a Good Start into 2022!

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Hi Markis,
Iam pretty sure that I could create an integration for home assistant directly. My problem is time … Iam sure it is possible to port my code to an integration directly.


This would be amazing !

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Using the new API stuff seems cool, but please consider that

  1. there are people using older SC devices
  2. there are people not wanting to connect to external clouds
    I’m therefore still interested in an integration working like in iobroker, i.e. directly loading the values (read-only) from the (local) IP of the device

loading the data directly from the device will currently not work on the SD devices. The SD devices automatically connect to the cloud and load the data there. Only the older SC devices can be accessed directly via IP.

For SD Devices the only thing that can be done is logging into the cloud and read the data from there. For that there are two possible ways:

  • Use the api provided above
  • Fake the oauth mechanism and use the same technique as the grünbeck APP.

I have decided to use the later way, because at the time I have developed that application, there where no public API available.

Best regards

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There is no need to reinvent the wheel :slight_smile:
Everything is here in Javascript and has to adopt to Homeassistant:

@SLeopold yes, a direct integration for home assistant would really be awesome!


I found a workaround to get my watersoftener into homeassistant:

Installed ioBroker as Addon

configured mqtt client and gruenbeck adapter:

selected values which i want to transfer to homeassistant:

created the mqtt sensors:

and get them as entity:

not nice but it is working :slight_smile: maybe in the future if anyone wants to port this to homeassistant nativ then i will change


gomble, these are good news. Just to clarify, you managed to get it running on an SD (cloudbased) water softening device?

Yes i have softliq sd21

Updated my SoftliQ SD18 yesterday. Still no MQTT

EDIT: SD18 instead of SD21

Did you get an update ?

SD18 manual update with press for 3 seconds. Automatic is enabled but nothing came. Sorry my post originally stated SD21.

which version do you have now ?

Hardware 000000003 Software 0002.0046

Okay my did already an update
softwareversion: 0002.0046

Thank you! I finally integrated my SD21 (Software 0002.0028). I hope that this will be possible without the need of ioBroker in the future. But its good for now I guess!

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So here is my final solution for a SD water-softener:

  • Install ioBroker as HASS-Addon
  • Enable Gruenbeck-Adapter within ioBroker
  • Enable MQTT-client-Adapter within ioBroker
  • for now I publish the following four values through MQTT (I checked the “retain” checkbox to have the last value always available)
    – Stream/mcountwater1
    – Stream/msaltusage
    – Stream/mmaint
    – hasError
  • Next, I created a script within homeassistant to use the “MQTT Discovery” feature of homeassistant (sorry for the german)
  - service: mqtt.publish
      topic: homeassistant/binary_sensor/gruenbeck-fehler/config
      payload: '{"name":"Grünbeck Fehler","device_class":"problem","state_topic":"gruenbeck/0/softliQ/D/BSxxxxxxxx/hasError","payload_off":"false","payload_on":"true","unique_id":"gruenbeck-fehler","device":{"manufacturer":"Grünbeck","model":"softliQ:SD18","name":"Enthärter","identifiers":["BSxxxxxxxx"]}}'
  - service: mqtt.publish
      topic: homeassistant/sensor/gruenbeck-wartung/config
      payload: '{"name":"Grünbeck Wartung","state_topic":"gruenbeck/0/softliQ/D/BSxxxxxxxx/Stream/mmaint","unit_of_measurement":"Tage","unique_id":"gruenbeck-wartung","icon":"mdi:wrench-clock","device":{"manufacturer":"Grünbeck","model":"softliQ:SD18","name":"Enthärter","identifiers":["BSxxxxxxxx"]}}'
  - service: mqtt.publish
      topic: homeassistant/sensor/gruenbeck-salzverbrauch/config
      payload: '{"name":"Grünbeck Salzverbrauch","state_topic":"gruenbeck/0/softliQ/D/BSxxxxxxxx/Stream/msaltusage","unit_of_measurement":"kg","unique_id":"gruenbeck-salzverbrauch","icon":"mdi:shaker-outline","state_class":"total_increasing","device":{"manufacturer":"Grünbeck","model":"softliQ:SD18","name":"Enthärter","identifiers":["BSxxxxxxxx"]}}'
  - service: mqtt.publish
      topic: homeassistant/sensor/gruenbeck-wasserverbrauch/config
      payload: '{"name":"Grünbeck Wasserverbrauch","state_topic":"gruenbeck/0/softliQ/D/BSxxxxxxxx/Stream/mcountwater1","unit_of_measurement":"l","unique_id":"gruenbeck-wasserverbrauch","icon":"mdi:water-pump","state_class":"total_increasing","device":{"manufacturer":"Grünbeck","model":"softliQ:SD18","name":"Enthärter","identifiers":["BSxxxxxxxx"]}}'
  mode: single
  alias: MQTT-Gruenbeck
  • And an automation, which fires when homeassistant starts
- id: 'gruenbeck'
  alias: Gruenbeck
  description: ''
  - platform: homeassistant
    event: start
  condition: []
  - service: script.mqtt_gruenbeck
    data: {}
  mode: single
  • Finally, six Utility-Meters to see the daily, weekly and monthly water- and salt-usage
    source: sensor.grunbeck_salzverbrauch
    cycle: daily
    source: sensor.grunbeck_salzverbrauch
    cycle: weekly
    source: sensor.grunbeck_salzverbrauch
    cycle: monthly
    source: sensor.grunbeck_wasserverbrauch
    cycle: daily
    source: sensor.grunbeck_wasserverbrauch
    cycle: weekly
    source: sensor.grunbeck_wasserverbrauch
    cycle: monthly

With this I have all entities within one device and it just looks neat :smiley:

Once again, thanks for the hint with the ioBroker-Addon and yes, hopefully this will be - sometimes in the future - replaced by a native HASS-Addon



Nice, its not the best solution but it is working as i said :+1:t2:

I am confused how to get ioBroker on my HASS os Raspberry Pi 4.
Is ioBroker available in HACs under experimental?
I have another rasbperry 3+ doing nothing that I could use.

I don’t have the skills to make a HA plugins, but at some stage if such a plugin does not materialise I will make a node-red flow with the HA Helper nodes. All the information needed is available in the post for Markis and the main.js posted by gomble above. This is on my list after the get Miele TwinDos liquid levels from the non-public API.