New Integration: Paradox EVO alarm


Its fine, thanks for the reply!
I have the latest version, and I just checked again and only “Arm Home” is working correctly on HASS ui, I can arm the area and it changes states fine. But if I arm the area with the Paradox app or it arms itself at a specified time, I cannot see any MQTT messages regarding arm state.


I’m getting this error when starting app.js with forever:

cat err.log
(function (exports, require, module, __filename, __dirname) { let newLine = String.fromCharCode(“13”);

SyntaxError: Block-scoped declarations (let, const, function, class) not yet supported outside strict mode

Any specific version of Node.Js that needs to be installed?


@judge - Can you open the log right after arming via the paradox app or the timed arm and report any lines like: “Unknown message from panel: ???”. Might just need to react to a different message for these types of events.


I just checked it:

  • when I press ARM HOME in HomeAssistant, I get the following message:

Received alarm state change from HA: ARM
Arm OK for Area: 1

(but it armed all areas)

  • when I press DISARM

Received alarm state change from HA: DISARM
Disarm OK for Area: 1

If I try to arm it through the iParadox app, I don’t have anything in the logs. :frowning: It is possible that the system does not send anything to the PRT3 about arm/disarm states?


Hi DaveOke!
I’m very involved in the plug in.

I have a paradox evo 192 and a raspaberry 2 .:

I installed the image, home assistant works.

I need help I can not install your plug-in from the ssh command line. you can give me a link to upload it via addons e repository by url?


ok now I’m installing with the raspian desktop, in which directory should I put the plugin and then install it ?? Thank you


@Cario - You can place the code anywhere. Just follow the instructions on my GitHub readme and you should be good to go.



Hi DaveOke,

Thanks for your excellent contribution. I got everything working except:

  • Disarm/arm through HA panel

Dec 04 19:04:05 app.js[5158]: Received alarm state change from HA: ARM
Dec 04 19:04:06 app.js[5158]: Received command: AA001&fail

  • Status update in HA panel - Always shows disarmed regardless of paradox panel state

Dec 04 19:13:17 app.js[5158]: Received event: G001N009A001

Not sure what event to look for in the log. But this is the only one I can find related to the HOME_ARM/ARM event.

HA config

  • platform: mqtt
    state_topic: “paradox_evo/alarm/area/1”
    command_topic: “paradox_evo/alarm/area/1/set”
    name: “Paradox EVO”
    payload_disarm: “DISARM”
    payload_arm_home: “ARM”

Any Idea?


Hello, This plugin seems very promising! I’m eager to get my EVO192 with the PRT3 module working :smiley:

I’m having problems installing it. I just did a fresh install of the image on my Raspberry pi 3.

When I try to execute the installed command mentioned in the readme, I get the error “-bash: npm: command not found”.

Is there a way to overcome that issue?

Thank you for your assistance.



You need to install node.js (which includes npm). I’ve updated the readme with this requirement.

@tellerbop Thanks for the fix!


@tellerbop - did you get the panel to arm/disarm through hass? AA001&fail might indicate a bad user code was passed for that the area.

You could also put a console.log in the sendCommand and see the command being sent to the panel and verify it’s good.


Got it working, wrong code :slight_smile: