New (?) Ledvance Smart+ Wifi Plug

Hi all,
has anyone already been trying this plug with home assistant?
Seems quite cheap and has integrated power consumption measurement


Seems like Ledvance is quite fresh brand, they used to be named Osram. I’m interested in this, too.

Some suggestions are to use Tuya app for connection

Yeah, count me also in for HA integration. As an impulse buy I bought some plugs and lights thinking that they must have HA compatibility… As Osram devices were on the market some time already.

Hi, I have also impulse purchased 10 light bulbs thinking they must have HA compatibility (google home and alexa do work fine), is there any pointers to get these in home assistant ? I just want them to be available in homekit.

did you get this to work?

LEDVANCE WiFi is based on Tuya. However, only a few LEDVANCE components can connect to Tuya due to company data privacy. If anyone can fix the integration, I will probably be able to support with API code and samples.

Giving this a bump - I bought one of the E14 RGB Light Bulbs with wifi technology.

Was trying to get to connect to Tuya or Smart Life - but no success. Didnt work with the fast blinking auto discovery, or with the slow blinking where I would connect to the bulb’s own wifi.
Tuya did recognize the bulb, but was unable to register it to the cloud.
That is the step that is not working; with the original Ledvance app obviously this cloud-registration works like a breeze.


ther is a solution whick worked for me (15 Smart Plugs Wifi integrated) .

  1. You need Local Tuya
  2. Follow theese Steps Ledvance WiFi bulbs - #13 by Flag


  • Use Powershell in wodows, not command line.
  • after istall adb and start adb - write command: adb root in powershell. Without you get an error in step 15 (solution is in the further replies)
  • If you start the tracing with the frida server you have to refresh two times your ledvance app in the android emulator. the first refresh brings only some variables. but in the second refresh you get all the keys you need.

Hope i coud help.

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Hi, Ledvance made life really hard preventing tuya/smartlife integration for customers even though they use tuya’s app core and services. It would be so easy to manage devices locally and with 3rd parties even with customisations, if they didnt remove tuya/smartlife integration from their app. Anyway, looks like there is only one workaround that is getting local key from ledvance for local/3rd party integrations. The problem is its really cumbersome method. I was wondering about getting local key from the files in app folder on a rooted emulator/device? Some of old smart life app versions save local key in plaintext on xml file. Anyone have any experience with that method for Ledvance devices? Cheers

I would like to bumb this one. I know it’s old, but… is it possible now? … I just began to use HA, and have 9 Ledvance wifi+ plugs that dont work at all…
If anyone out there has a solution, then pleaseee :slight_smile: