New motionEye integration

I hope someone can help me with MotionEye. I have it working with my cameras. In HA I can see the streams. But I cannot cast them to my google hub. It says “camera does not support play stream service”.

Any ideas or suggestions are very welcome.

I have the integration for the plugin enabled with Movies and Still Images enabled

I can see the Movies in the HA Media Browser

But when I try to play one of the files nothing plays and Developer Console shows 404 error

Am I missing something?
The url it is trying to connect to is:

The IP is right but I am not sure about the rest of the URL

motionEye Version 0.37.1
Motion Version 4.0.1+git2a140fa
OS Version motionEyeOS 20171008

Hi, guys,

Been struggling to get motion detection working. I have installed to add on and the integration. Seems to be working OK. I can see video on the lovelace card, I can see movement there, but the event does not seem too trigger.

I am supposed to see it on the events tab of developer tools right? I am listening to motioneye.motion_detected, but nothing is displayed.

I have video streaming and motion detection turned on. But nothing seems to be happening. Do I need to specify a webhook in the add-on or does the integration handle that? Am I missing something?

Hi @currest2620 here’s my settings, they work fine. I found changing the Movie Format to H.264 (,mp4) fixed my issues. I am using an ESP32-CAM

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Thank you for that. I’ll give it a try. :+1:

Hi, I’m trying to setup this integration, but it says “credentials invalid”.
I only have default user name for motion eye, no pass and no surveillance user; also, it appears these cannot be configured from the add-on.
So, how to connect?
Thank you!

Open the MotionEye WebUI and set a password for admin and user, then enter these credentials in the integration.

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I swear I cheched that, but apparently I am not very sharp today.
And now I do not know what url to put in the integration:

  • ip of HA does not work
  • ip of ha:7999 does not work
  • link of motion eye web ui does not work

so, please help? probably something obvious again :slight_smile:

Try but I think if you reboot after installing the inegration it may auto detect it.

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Hi guys,
I have an issue with this integration maybe someone can help.
I am using it in combination with some other elements as a video intercom. But from time to time the image of the camera is not updated. So I can’t see who is actually ringing. I have to open the stream by hand in order to have it up to date.
Is there any parameter that I can change in order to force this update all the time?
Thank you

Hi! For some reason I cannot view snapshots or movies under Media browser despite files being listed from the camera. Any ideas?

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Nevermind, my client was not on the right network doh

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Hi all, when I setup email notification for motion detection, I do not get full pictures but only black jpegs with changed pizels highlighted in blue. Is it supposed to work like this?

Hey guys, ive installed motionEye, but for some reason I’m having trouble with triggering. My camera triggers for still images, but not for movies. Any ideas? Thanks

Same issue here. All files from Media browser are correctly listed, but I cannot open them. How did you do to make it work ?