New project, bed-sensor, need inspiration :)

Hi all,

My new project; I built a bed-sensor from a pressure mat and a door-sensor.
Tested and work flawless, now I know when I got in and out of the bed…

But, I want to create some cool effects and statistics, and would like to receive some inspirational tips on how to achieve following;

  1. A sensor that tells “how many hours did I spend in the bed last 24 hours”
  2. Statistics to show “time spent in bed last 7 days”
  3. Average time in bed per day so far

The usage of this funny thing are huge, from keeping record of your bed-routines to combine with automations where HA can do certain things when it is confirmed you are in bed. Or the extreme - when you are on travel/away, get a notification if both sides of the bed are occupied at the same time while you are gone :rofl:

I think you can solve the first two questions with a history stats sensor and the last question with a statistics sensor. There are good examples in the docs that should get you going.

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Here’s another idea for a bed occupancy sensor. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s another idea for a Bed-Occupancy-Sensor

DIY Sensor for monitoring if you are in bed or not

I was having a hard time getting a accurate reading if we are in our bed or not. I wanted to use the information to turn off any lights outside our bedroom if it was late at night, and arm the alarm for the house, check that all doors/windows are closed, turn off any sound notifications and alot of other fun stuff!

Came across this guide and it looked like it was exactly what I needed.

Maybe you need this:

Keywords for Google: PVDF sensor